Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'm curious

I can't help but wonder what the judge that sentenced this Mother to 10 years for neglectful drowning if he had our Ghoulish baby killer in his court room.


Sassa said...

I've been keeping track...a new born is worth 9 years and an 18 month old is worth 10 years. Good to know. Pretty soon we can figure out this book those judges use to determine sentencing.

Toad said...

I guess because It wasn't intentional, DUMB, but not intentional. I think perhaps she will have a load of problems dealing with this.

The above comment Is UNLIKE the woman that tossed her child into the dumpster. To me It was 1st degree intentional homicide, which according to our laws receives LIFE, without parole. I don't get this one?