Monday, April 11, 2011

Ready fior a new dog.

Two years ago I had to put my little buddy down. It devastated me. I had never held a dog while it was put to sleep, and Hay was my constant companion. We did EVERYTHING together. He had more than 60,000 motorcycle miles under him in the sidecar. We'd go camping on the bike every year. He went grocery shopping and even in restaurants with me. My pack animal pal. It hurt badly when his kidneys failed and I needed time before I could think about another. It's time.

If you guys come across a female Yorkshire terrier, please let me know. I am not interested in a Boutique Yorkie mongrel. Yorki-poo, Shiz-Yorki, Morky, or Mutt-orkies need not apply. Well, if the owner is reasonable, sure, but not a $450 mutt. I can go to the Humane Society if I really want a mongrel. The new dog will be my Pal/working dog as Hay was. I'm willing to pay for an AKC pure bred, and know quality isn't cheap, but as I said, a cross breed isn't something I'll drop $$$ for.

Help my find my new Pack Mate working buddy.


kkdither said...

Have you considered Hope Safehouse? They seem like a wonderful agency. Save a life instead of encouraging more breeding.

They have a cool Petfinder, searchable page with current pets available.

I had to put my dog down too many years ago. Still don't have the heart to jump back in the game.

kkdither said...

Union Grove rescue has a 2-5 year old, female, spayed, 12 lb. Yorkie with lowered adoption fees.... Looks like she might need some help learning potty skills.

lizardmom said...

I only have lizard adoption contacts, hope you find a good dog.

I would be a dog person if I wasn't so allergic to them :( my neighbor's pitbull is my buddy but I can only hang out with her outside where air moves enough that I don't react

OrbsCorbs said...

Huck, I hope you find a perfect new buddy.

Huck Finn said...

Yorkies are often called Hypo allergenic, although they really aren't. Their fur is more like hair and the dander is different so many with allergies say they aren't affected.

They can be very very difficult to house train. Sneaky and very intelligent albeit stubborn as a mule. Training a caged breeder is a hair pulling time. Caged breeders are neglected to the point it is difficult to get them to house break. They've soiled their cages their entire life and it's really hard to break the bad habits. Yorkies are hard enough to train that it's best to get them before the bad habits are ingrained.

Knowing the training hurdles, I've looked at the Petfinder dogs for several months. I can't afford the vet bills on the ones that need massive care, and I am disabled enough I can't afford the effort of training a breeder. Case in point on a caged breeder.

Sport was a rescued breeder male I found at the Humane society. When they set him on my lap, the way he firmly pushed against me in a need to be mine won his place in my house. I found out right away he was head strong to a fault. he couldn't be allowed out of his cage at night, and he soiled it every evening. To break him of the cage habit, his kennel cage got halved, then quartered, until he had a place to lay down. That way all he had was a body length and he still soiled it. Every morning he got a bath and the bedding washed. He started holding it. The cage got expanded. Finally he was trusted to be out of the cage and sleep in the bed.

He was good except he hated being alone, and would dump a pile in the middle of the kitchen if I "abandoned him." for even an hour. He would keep his cage clean if he was caged, but oh he hated to be left alone and showed it in a Monkey like way unless caged. That dog could find a "displeasure stool" even if he had just come in from a healthy dump. No other dog has ever pressed so hard against me while sleeping. He had a really unique personality. Having trained one breeder though, has turned me off on getting another.

drewzepmeister said...

Huck, I know the the feeling of having to put a lifelong companion down. I'm wrestling with thoughts of having to put down my beloved Harley(my dog)right now. She's going though compilations at the moment and my never get better. Right now, I'm praying for the best and trying to summon the strength to do what I have to do.

Anyways, I've got friends at some local groomers that will keep their eyes and ears open for you.

Sassa said...

Sometimes it's better to get a different dog/breed so you won't expect the same results as the first dog and be disappointed.

kkdither said...

I've always thought yorkies were cool. We'd probably not be a good match. though.... I can be as stubborn as a mule too! I didn't realize the rescued breeders needed that much extra care and training. Poor things.

SER said...

I think my daughter has a wiener dog a few weeks old she wants to get rid of...her female had 3 of them.