Saturday, April 16, 2011


Wow, is it the fact that we're trying to get into the summer mode,
is it that we desperately want spring to come and STAY,
why are we getting snow?? Really??
Maybe I'm just cranky, and cold.
I just want to get better, this is not fun, I want a do over of a nice, warm,
happy time! I think that's reasonable, don't you??


lizardmom said...

I spent 4 hours in the ER yesterday morning, found out I have beginning pneumonia, had 2 IV's, still have the bruises to show for them, 3 breathing treatments, the last one was an hour long... have 2 prescriptions and I'm pretty darn sure that snow was not on the list of things that will help it go away... it needs to stop, the warm air needs to return, and I need to stop getting sick, I like breathing, I really do!
ok, that was my little rant for the day, I feel a touch better now. Another day or so of wicked coughing and I may feel human too!

Huck Finn said...

Yesterday was the day for ERs. I was at one for a little over four hours also. High fever from an infection. As I've recently been put on warfarin due to a blood clot in my heart, they are pretty adamant abt going to the Er for everything. learned some things. "Thrombosis' is the medical term for blood clot. Warfarin is a rat poison that kills by thinning the blood. Warfarin got it's name from "Wisconsin Alumni Research Facility-arin." At the Er I also got IVs but I got a good vampire. No bruises.

Liuzardmom, breathing is preferred versus not.

kkdither said...

Today must be the day for rants. I started a blog, included the snow rant, and wound up deleting it before posting it. I hate to be a whiner. Can I just say GRRRRR.....? It has been the roughest of weeks.

I googled "Good News" hoping for something to perk me up. There is actually a website with supposedly good news only. It just depressed me more.

I rely on the JTI for my sanity. Brother, can you spare a dime? (help a gal out?)

Huck Finn said...

KKD, ur still sucking wind and come tomorrow there is a new day. i just wish it was warmer

Sassa said...

WOW I had a couple of bad days but today seemed to be working out real well....until I read this blog. Now I'm depressed in sympathy for you guys. Get better or I'll never be happy again!!! So there.

Toad said...

I laughed when I looked between the curtains this morning. It was snowing like crazy. Must have had 2 inches on the car.

Tender Heart Bear said...

Lizardmom I hope you get better soon. I know how you feel I have been very sick like that.

Huck Finn I hope you get better soon.

I am really sick of this cold weather I wish it would get warn again. I can deal with the rain but the snow can stop already.

OrbsCorbs said...

LM and Huck, I hope you get better soon. Please take care of yourselves.

I've been very depressed all day and the snow didn't help. I read this blog earlier and was going to comment, but figured I could only add to the negative. I'm not feeling much better now, but it's nice to know that I can come here to whine.

We've had a cool, wet spring so far. Seems to me they always are cool and wet, or at least wet.

Why Not? said...

Oh man, I probably shouldn't mention that it's a beautiful sunny day in the 60s here then.. hmm.. Seriously if I woke up and saw snow right now I think I would crawl up in the bed in the fetal position all day.. My husband would have to take off of work to take care of the girls because I just would not be able to do it.. I feel for you..

For those that are sick.. please get better, looking forward to seeing you again this summer.. This place is a great place to come and whine.. isn't that we're here for??

Wish I had something that could cheer everyone up with..

Looking forward to getting over there, really hoping that the weather improves here very soon, I'm sure soon we will all be complaining that it's to damn hot and that they are looking forward to the fall.. take it easy for now..

lizardmom said...

I'm starting to feel slightly better, this 2 days of ferocious coughing is worse than brutal, hopefully tomorrow it will start to subside, hopefully!
Huck, I hope you're doing better too, we can't fall apart now, we have plans for the summer!!
The sun is finally shining, I just hit a nasty bad spot and had to vent like a pressure cooker - hear me jiggle LOL!
I knew this was a safe place to blow off a little steam :)