Thursday, April 14, 2011

Summer music??

I know it's not quite summer, heck it's barely spring, but anytime I finally get the sun and some weather that I can get outside to play in I automatically jump into summer mode. On these first few days I have to play certain music that reminds me of summer. One of the albums I play is Dave Matthews Band Crash. For whatever reason I am put into that happy chipper fully energetic mood that I rarely get anytime of the year other than the summer months.. One of the songs really puts me in a summer feeling, reminds me of driving around in my 1987 Mercury Cougar with the windows down and driving around singing my heart out. I can feel the warmth, feel the freedom of just driving, can see the scenery go by. The song is Two Step from the same album.

Another song from that album probably the hit of this album as it's the name of the album is Crash.

It took me a few years to actually read through and truly listen to the lyrics, it's an incredibly seductive and sensual song. Brings me to those hot summer nights (oh my am I blushing a little).

There are other albums that are specifically summer albums such as Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill, U2 Achtung Baby and Venus Hum Big Beautiful Sky.

Do you have songs or certain artists that really pick you up or specifically listen to during the summers and nice weather??


jedwis said...

It's always fun to reminisce. My first car was a used "72 2 door Monte Carlo, kelly green with a white top that I put some major honkin speakers in. My tunes were Led, Stones, Jimmy Buffet, Kool and the gang, Jane Oliver & of course the Carpenters. When I was ready to disco threw in some BeeGees.Everyone wanted to ride with me.

RWWackoStu said...

Best song on that album is Drive in-Drive out. Kicks all forms of ass.

Tender Heart Bear said...

My cousin told me that they are going to be in Chicago in July. This concert is suppose to be almost like woodstock.

I like some of there music not a lot of it.

Sassa said...

The 1st one said' contains stuff from SME ?county? and not available on my computer.

OrbsCorbs said...

I guess Beach Boys music means summer to mean. I don't know if there's any particular artist or music I play to pick me up. When I'm angry, I play Rammstein, LOUD. When I'm content, I listen to classical music.

I'm one of the few people I know who is not a Dave Matthews fan. I don't hate him or anything, but I don't find the music attractive. Just about everyone else I know loves him.

U2's Achtung Baby has a completely different meaning for me. It is tied emotionally to my marital breakup. I never listen to it anymore, and when I hear a cut, the hairs on my arm and neck stand on end and/or I cry.

RWWackoStu said...

Perfect summer song:

Joe Satriani "Summer Song"

Im not being a wiseass, it's that damn good, and makes me think of summer.

drewzepmeister said...

The Dave Matthews Band rocks! Crash is one hell of a good record.

Orbs-"the hairs on my arm and neck stand on end" Achtung Baby has the same effect on me, especially "Who Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses"

Oh yeah, summer song...Lakeside Park by Rush.

Why Not? said...

I totally get that U2 Achtung baby would hold a lot of harder feelings, if I'm not mistaken it was written during his divorce, so there would be a lot of too close for comfort moments in that album. I was a teenager, when I would listen and during my teenage dark pissed off at the world angst moments I would take this album out and lay in the grass in Island park (or actually Lee Park) and sing along with it as loudly as I dared.. It would make me feel better, so I remember the smell of the grass and the sun on my face when I listen to it.

Love Rammstein, especially when you are truly angry.. There was another group I used to listen to during those moments, can't remember who it was anymore

I could never really get much into the disco myself, not much I can listen to.. a few BeeGee songs I can handle, but nothing I'd put on..

Tender Heart, last time I was there visiting, my husband and his dad went to a DMB concert.. can't remember where, he swears he got high from all of the marijuana that people were smoking around here..