Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

This is a day for everyone to appreciate everything your Mom has done for you while you were growing up.

For me I know my Mom has been there for me all the time. She has been there more for me in the last nine years. This is since my ex-husband has walked out on my kids and I. I really appreciate the help she gave me. My kids and I love my Mom very much for all her help.

I told my boyfriend and my daughter I am on strike for Mother's Day. I am not cooking or cleaning. This is my day to relax and enjoy the day. I think every Mom should do this.

I also want to say to my Mom and to my boyfriend's Mom we love both of you very much and we miss you both.

                                        HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL THE MOM'S!♥


drewzepmeister said...

What? No breakfast?...:P

OrbsCorbs said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Why Not? said...

I woke up to breakfast in bed, a new coffee mug with the girls picture on it and some lovely drawings Mina and Maia made for me special.. oh yeah and some dandelions in a vase freshly picked from the yard.. It was a nice start..

We will have a Mothers day celebration for my mom when we get there.. probably nothing big, we just bought my mom a painting by a local artist that depicts our little town.. she really likes our town..

The rest of my day is filled with planning this next 10 days, packing, cleaning and doing tons of laundry..

lizardmom said...

There are few days that I will not cook for - Mothers Day, Valentines Day, my birthday, and our Anniversary. That leaves plenty of other days to cook, never fear. :)

Happy Mothers Day!!

I went to lunch with my sister, mom and my youngest yesterday. Friday the girls and I visited my mother in law before somebody claimed her for the weekend, nice visit as always. Today is just a slow, kicked back day, had breakfast, next up church, then lunch with my oldest, then probably a movie or something requiring little effort and lots of relaxing :)

kkdither said...

I had the morning all to myself. 2-3 have called to wish me a happy day and to say they love me... awww. The third one posted something to my facebook. (I'll let her off the hook.

Off to shower then to go have a nice day with a good friend.

Happy Mother's Day to all the other mothers! For all the poop diapers, we deserve a day of honor.

Tender Heart Bear said...

Well Drew I guess you would have to actually make your own breakfast sorry. It really isn't that hard to do.

I hope all the other Mother's had a great day.

Thank you Orb's.