Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Football is Back On

Are you happy football is back on?


SER said...

This is the kind of shit I am talking about, $14.75 million for 5 years to kick a damn ball!

Packers sign kicker Crosby to 5-year, $14.75 million deal

By Tom Silverstein of the Journal Sentinel

The Green Bay Packers have retained one of their 11 unrestricted free agents, signing kicker Mason Crosby to a five-year deal.

Agent Mike McCartney informed the Journal Sentinel this morning of the news.

According to a source familiar with the negotiations, the deal is worth $14.75 million and includes $3 million of guaranteed money.

The contract puts Crosby in the upper echelon of kickers in the National Football League just below top-paid kicker Sebastian Janikowski of the Oakland Raiders, who signed a four-year, $16 million contract last year.

kkdither said...

We idolize the wrong things. A game should not be so expensive that families can't afford to go. Owners should not be making the money they do, and players don't need multi-millions of dollars to play.

OrbsCorbs said...

Even though I'm not big on sports, I voted yes, I'm glad it's back on. Otherwise, there would be a lot of unhappy football fans and things are depressing enough already.

Of course the players are paid too much.

jedwis said...

This is really a great post, SER, very near and dear to my heart... I tried to make a move at a professional sport years ago, but did not succeed, however the expierences & friendships are priceless to this day.
The thing about pro sports now, meaning the big three, football, basketball & baseball is the big contracts they pay to the big stars, and even everyday players. Who pays for those contracts...we all do, whether you play sports or not. Every product endorsed by a "big" athlete, the cost of that product or good is passed on the cost of that player endorsement to the end consumer. Shoes, equipment, food, drinks ... you name it ... we pay for the glamour and that stinks.
I played a sport where you got what you earned, If you won the tournament, you got top prize. If you lost in the 1st round, you got beans, rightly so, work harder and get better, no guarantees.
As KK mentioned, it is too expensive to go to any of these events, with ticket prices, and parking, a beer and a brat for a family ,it's like a mortgage payment.
I happen to love sports, but not when the level gets to where the average person can't afford to enjoy. They can all suffer when the corporate money dries up, and I hope it does soon.

i know it's great when a guy has talent enough to where he kicks a frickin football thru goalposts he gets paid $3 mill a year. Yet we can't pay teachers and those helping our children? Some f-up society.

OrbsCorbs said...

My parents came from the old country and were amazed at what low esteem teachers were held in in our society. This was in the 50's and 60's, mind you. They said that in their homeland, teachers were on equal footing with doctors.

Ludicrous sums of money are also paid to movie stars and rock stars. We have always had our heroes, and these are our modern ones.

OrbsCorbs said...

Hmm, Dr. kk. I like it.

Tender Heart Bear said...

Kk I agree with you so much. Plus when I was living up in Shawano I read in the paper that the taxes you pay in Green Bay at all the stores goes to the Packers. That is wrong it should go for fixing up the city and to help the needy.

Jed I do agree with you that it is like a mortgage payment to go to one of them. But one thing is they should have one amount to be paid and stop being so greedy.

I think this is a lot of the problem our country is having. Is the athletes are being paid so much that all these other cuts have to do with them. Maybe I am wrong but this is how I feel!♥

Beejay said...

Of course they are way over-paid. To get into a game costs more than the average family can afford. It is ridiculous. Same with baseball players.

Who can afford to go see them? Look at the tabloids and you'll see it is all those famous folks making a zillion dollars, not the average joe.

jedwis said...

Kinda weird... If you look at the poll results so far, 23 people voted on the 1st question, 20 people voted on the 2nd. But only 6 people had comments. It's like a conversation I had Sunday with KK about all the people visiting JTI and not commenting. But now they are voting? Crazy, silly.

Toad said...

I'm only happy football Is back as long as Brett Favre has a team to play for.

As for being paid too much. Yes, some are paid too much, but the OLD TIMERS should be pensioned somehow so they don't go broke.

Also considering pay. Are CEO's, etc. paid too much? Do you want Billionaires to pay their fair share In taxes?