Friday, August 12, 2011

Four for Fridays

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Four for Fridays after a sunny week of overtime...Wish I could say TGIF, but I've got more of the same tomorrow...Anyways, here are some random questions.

1) Who was your celebrity idol when you were a kid?

2) What was the most interesting vanity license plate you have seen?

3) How do you like your steak done?

4) Have you ever gone canoeing, kayaking or tubing down a river or lake?

Enjoy your weekend!


kkdither said...

I'll start us off:

1. Paul McCartney
2. I don't remember them
3. Medium Rare
4. Love to kayak and canoe. I don't go tubing, not a fan of the wipe out- and that is really the goal of the driver, isn't it?

jedwis said...

Wow, I get to be second to KK. I'm in heaven.
1. Raquel Welsh
2. Assman
3. With mashed potato & gravy and baked beans & garlic bread with some veggies. Oh medium rare. Damn, now I'm hungry.
4. No, but I've been on a ponton boat drinking beer, I thought that was exciting.

Thanks for the questions Drew, sorry about the workload.

Tender Heart Bear said...

1) ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd!

2) Cops and Donuts!

3) Medium Well!

4) No I haven't but would love to try it but not the tubing!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!♥

Huck Finn said...

1. Didn't have any.
2. Ditto what KKD said.
3. medium rare
4. Yes.

OKIE said...

1. George Harrison
2. All Mine (it was on a Mercedes)3. Medium
4. Never have but like Jedwis was out on a pontoon boat which was fun.

Thanks Drew!

Jedwis - now I'm hungry too.

Anonymous said...

1)The Three Stooges
2)L A F
3)Dis-attached from the four legs, head and tail
4)Yes My friend and I were looking for a the northwest passage to the Pacific via the Root River.

OrbsCorbs said...

1) That's a damn good question. My idol probably changed daily, but overall I'll agree with logjam and say the Three Stooges.

2) Amongst a certain group of friends, I have the nickname "Reverend" or "Rev" or "Revvy." (Decades ago, I paid a few bucks to become a minister of some mail order religion.) One of those friends emailed me a photo of a car in Milwaukee with vanity plates that said REV and my first name.

3) Medium.

4) I've been in a canoe a few times. A friend took me out on the Root River in his canoe. We put in at Lake Michigan and went up the mouth of the river. I felt extremely small and vulnerable as larger boats passed us by.

Toad said...

1. Jane Wymann (one n, two ns, ?

2. Don't know

3. Medium Rare or even a bit less.

4. Yes, I hate canoes, and tubes now.

drewzepmeister said...

1) Go ahead and laugh-Ace Frehley, the spaceman guitarist for KISS.

2) I once saw a license plate that said LED ZEP on the way to see Jimmy Page and Robert Plant at a concert in Chicago.

3) Medium

4) My neighbors Up North have a ski boat that they let me ride in all time. My folks used to own a pontoon boat.

As for canoeing, my folks used be avid about the sport. I used to on trips with them on the Wisconsin, Wolf, Oconomawoc and Root Rivers. Of they would do that a step further by spending a week in Boundary Waters-thats on the Minnesota/Canada border.

I went tubing down the Apple River in Northwestern Wisconsin. Was fun! Never went kayaking...

jedwis said...

Drew... It is what it is...Funny about the Led plates, I remember a trip I took in college, four guys in a camaro, the only tape we had was "physical grafitti" God I love Led Zepplin.

jedwis said...

Toad... I don't know about the "n's" I think they were double "D's"

drewzepmeister said...

Physical Graffiti is one of my all time favorite albums, jedwis. Not a single wasted note there.