Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my heavenly hydrangeas! How are you? Our weather has turned appropriate for the season. That’s too bad. Fall is leaves falling, the temperature falling, the sun falling, we all fall down. Oh my. I am still getting some tomatoes. Mid-October and I am enjoying August’s fruit. I am keeping an eye out for the first frost so I’ll pick the remaining green ones, but there are less and less.

Sadly, our beloved Brewers fell in the sixth game of the National League Championship Series to the St. Louis Cardinals. Bravo, Brewers, bravo! You have nothing to be ashamed of. You gave us a great season. Thank you very much.

Our majestic Green Bay Packers crushed the St. Louis Rams last Sunday, thereby maintaining their undefeated status. Hail, hail, mighty Packers! This Sunday, October 23, the Minnesota Vikings will feel the wrath of our warriors at 3:15 PM in the Metrodome. Have no mercy, Green Bay.

Well, my dears, I am in a quandary as how to proceed with my blog this week. I read about Mayor Dickert’s budget address yesterday, and I got so upset that I decided to launch a screed here. But today I feel differently. What’s the point? Jackals and hyenas run Racine, and they have no shame, no souls. It is only sorrow, sorrow, and sorrow if I contemplate that, so I will not. Fie on the beasts!

I did notice an image on the internet while perusing some sites earlier this week. It made me think of Mr. OrbsCorbs, and I hope that he understands that I post it with only the kindest intentions:

Sometimes the best solutions to our problems are the simplest: feed the monkey on your back. Or is it, get rid of the monkey on your back? Or maybe it’s, listen to the monkey on your back? Oh my.

I wanted to embed a music video here of Van Morrison’s “Autumn Song.” Unfortunately, they are not allowing it. I recommend checking it out:

Just think, only 3 more days until the next JTI gathering. It sends shivers up and down my spine. I can’t wait to see you all again. Thank you so much for stopping by today to visit my blog. My readers are my family. I love you all.

Say hi to the rest of the family:

I don’t know why, but I keep hearing the music from Jaws leading up to the bash at Beejay’s. Does that mean I should feed the shark? Ignore the shark? Jump the shark? Oh dear. Have a wonderful week everyone. See you Saturday. Galactophagist!


Anonymous said...

Mr. jedwis, if you do not know what galactophagist means, I doubt you are a true Wisconsinite.

jedwis said...

Thanks Mme Z, actually I don't drink milk and I grew up with Leroy Brown. My new word you gave me today was screed,I love the many different definitions for the word. Thank you Mme Z.

OKIE said...

Thanks for the laugh today Madame - the picture of Carl just cracked me up.

kkdither said...

My horoscope said that when things become difficult, make a game out of it instead of getting upset. I don't know who is writing the rules to this new "game" I've been playing, but I'm starting to think they are a sadist....

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your informative and entertaining posts Mdme Z. If it doesn't appear, I have no idea that it's humpday!

OrbsCorbs said...

Oh, banana! I thought they were saying bandana. Thank you.