Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Attery Squash - "Santa's Laughter Mocks The Poor"

"Santa's laughter mocks the poor, it's Christmas time again
You hear it in the songs of joy promoting fiscal gain
You see it in the credit cards that flutter down the drain, cos
Santa's laughter mocks the poor, and here it comes again

"Santa's laughter mocks the poor, it echoes in the night
A nagging sound that makes you wonder if you got it right
Everybody lies awake and thinks there's more to life, but
Santa's laughter mocks the poor, and you're to blame tonight

"Santa, we love you
Santa, don't you care?
Why do you ignore us Santa?
At this time of year

"Santa's laughter mocks the poor, a liability
That taunts you every time you turn on one of your TVs
Or choose the leather option, or a nice Moroccan tea oh
Santa's laughter mocks the poor across the seven seas

"Santa's laughter mocks the poor, the catchiest of songs
If everybody else is singing it, it can't be wrong
You hear it in the news reports of panic in Hong Kong
Santa's laughter mocks the poor, you've known it all along

"Santa's laughter mocks the poor, they just don't have the clout
To make a difference in the way society's turned out
Share out all the money in the world - we'd soon run out, oh
Santa's laughter mocks the poor, of that there is no doubt"

This song by The Attery Squash features Rev. Ian Stang, the leader of my faith, the Church of the SubGenius.


Toad said...

Sad TRUTH. Never quite thought about It that way before.

OrbsCorbs said...

The song makes me squirm, but it's so well done that I had to post it. I'm not trying to ruin anyone's Christmas and I'm no less hypocritical than anyone else (except, maybe, lying John). What I like about the JTI is that I can post stuff like this, even if it makes us uncomfortable.

I am not a bah humbug type guy about Christmas. I actually enjoy the season; well, most of it.

kkdither said...

I've had problems with the commercialization of Christmas for years. The ads start coming at you like mad, right after Halloween... all things you don't need.

How many people really give their spouse a car for Christmas? These ads are so out of touch. People are losing their jobs, kids are hungry, basic services are being cut in cities all over this country... but we must spend, spend, spend or we are not worthy.

Toad said...

We have all heard the expression "It's better to give, than It Is to receive" It's painful to think that most of us had the opportunity to teach this to OUR children when they were young, but choose to do otherwise, because of what really amounts to peer pressure. What a shame. The reward of giving, Is soooo much more pleasing than receiving, or expecting to receive. I have eight Grandchildren. Can anyone imagine taking that money spent, and $20.00 at a time putting food on someones table at Christmas? Call It Bah Humbug, call It anything you like. It has become a joyous occasion for ALL the wrong reasons.