Friday, December 16, 2011

Four for Fridays

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Four for Fridays after a rather 'normal' week. It's getting closer to that special day in December and here are some Christmas questions...

1) Artificial or real Christmas tree?

2) Traditionally, do you open your gifts on Christmas eve or Christmas day?

3) What is your favorite Christmas song?

4) Done with your Christmas shopping yet?

Enjoy your weekend!


jedwis said...

OK I'll go first...At least I win at something.
1. No tree, Festivus Pole
2. Gifts? Boxers and socks, oh my!
3. "Grandma got run over by a reindeer"
4. Yes, but for some reason I still like to hang out at Victoria's Secret.

Thanks for asking Mr. Drew

OKIE said...

1. Artificial.
2. Both. Mainly because "someone" cough, can't wait for Christmas day.
3. White Christmas.
4. No not yet. We have the little ones to finish.

Thanks Drew!

lizardmom said...

1. fake, allergic to real trees :(
2. both, my family has always done Christmas eve, so that is the bulk of it, but we usually try to leave one thing to open the actual day
3. Silent Night
4. unless I forgot somebody, yes

Tender Heart Bear said...

1) Artificial

2) We do ours here on Christmas Eve morning with my girls and his son. Then we go up to his parents on Christmas Eve and my family on Christmas Day.

3) There is to many to chose from. I really like them all.

4) No I have the stockings to get and Drew's present also some gift cards.

Why Not? said...

1. I prefer real trees there in the States, but the trees here are just too sad so we bought a fake one..
2. Open Santa gifts on Christmas day and present between family members on Christmas Eve
3. Chorus of Bells as long as it's NOT the Mannheim Steamroller version..
4. Nope

RWWackoStu said...

1. Artificial only because I am allergic to pine.

2. Family gifts on the Eve, Santa comes on Christmas day!

3. Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses.

4. Almost done. One more to get for Mrs Wacko.

kkdither said...

1. Fake, fake, fake...
2. What gifts? You have to be good to get gifts.
3. Can anything beat Bing's White Christmas?
4. Nope. I'm in a world of hurt this year.

hale-bopp said...

Most websites I wouldn't even bother saying I don't celebrate Christmas because of the rage it evokes.

OrbsCorbs said...

^ Rage, rage, rage, mutter, mutter...

1) Real, if I had a tree. My sister has a real tree this year for the first time. I put it up for her - a Fraser fir, the ultimate Christmas tree.

2) My family opened gifts on Christmas Eve and then Santa's presents on Christmas morning.

3) Elvis Presley's "Santa Claus is Back in Town."

4) I don't shop. No money. I give of myself.

Toad said...

1. $9.99 Artificial from Walgreen's.

2. For 25 years It was Eve. The last 38 (Marriage) DAY.

3. Chestnut's Roasting by Nat King Cole.

4. No "It's NEVER enough"

Toad said...

Mary, I love your door. KIDDING. Your tree Is BEAUTIFUL.

Toad said...

KK, Bing and David Bowe's "Drummer Boy" Is also great. I should say, If any of you want to hear a song that will knock your socks off. Joe from the "Oak Ridge Boy's" sings a song called "My Son" that has probably the BEST lyrics I have ever heard. I heard It live a few years back In the Dell's, and It brought tears to my eyes.

drewzepmeister said...

1) Artificial

2) Growing up, it was opening up Christmas Day with parents. Now-see Tender Heart's answer. It's a lot of traveling....

3) Heart's Here is Christmas. After years of search, I finally picked up the Heart's Lovemongers' Christmas CD. It was worth the wait.

4) Me personally, yes. I know Tender Heart has to get a few things.

SER said...

Artificial or real Christmas tree?
I love real but have a 3ft fake tree. No one comes to my house for Christmas so why waste the money. I have my little tree on the front porch with a timer. The lights come on at 5pm and turn off at 2am.

Traditionally, do you open your gifts on Christmas eve or Christmas day?
No special time

What is your favorite Christmas song?
Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer.

Done with your Christmas shopping yet?
Is it December 24th yet?

Tender Heart Bear said...

Toad- I heard that song and you are right how good it is.

Ser- Leave it to you to pick a song like that. Did you watch the t.v. show on that one too?