Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Judge to Dickert: Pay Your Own Legal Bills

A Kenosha judge ruled this afternoon that the City of Racine is not liable for any damages in Bill Bielefeldt's slander case against John Dickert. Mr. Bielefeldt has said from the very start that he is only interested in justice from John Dickert. He sued only Dickert, not the city. That's pretty simple. But the cronies on the City Council and in the City Attorneys office decided that the working people of Racine would have to pay for lying John's mouth. The judge had tried previously to separate city interests from the case, but our city attorney kept tying it back up. They have done everything they can to muddy a simple case and to ensnare innocent citizens into paying for a liar.

The last time I checked, the legal bills were already over $100,000 for Dickert. I wonder if he'll be so extravagant now that he is footing the bill.

And that, of course, begs the question, will he really pay? My advice: don't hold your breath.


legal stranger said...

There were several supporters of Bill Bielefeldt attending the motion hearing. There were no supporters of the city of Racine. Two reporters attended, one being Christine Won of the Journal Times. Christine Won attempted to interview the Bielefeldt supporters, but was turned away by our beloved Orbs himself....Go figure!!!! Two attorney's representing John Dickert and one attorney representing the city appeared.
The city atty. wisely motioned the court for dismissal of the city.
Judge Schroeder granted the dismissal of the City of Racine from this case. Remember, there are many different ways that John Dickert can put the hooks to the city of Racine. Be vigilant !

Tricky Dicky said...

It was SATISFYING to see the Racine City Attorney get Schooled by the Judge!

NO!NO! Judge - we really want to pay for John's mouth - pretty please, can we? We have money trees in Racine - one grows on every residents property!

The Judge has a great sense of humor and irony - especially when discussing Teddy Kennedy and whether or not he was in private or public person if he was making a statement while drunk!

Judge Schroeder is a patient and wise man!

OrbsCorbs said...

Good judge, bad manners on my part. I apologize to Ms. Won.

I have a reflexive action when it comes to the Journal Times, but a wise, new friend said to me today that the only way we are ever going to get the Journal Times to change is to talk to them. (To which I retorted, "Ah, they're Lee Enterprises anyway, so they have to toe the corporate line.")

I do have a chip on my shoulder. We offered to talk before we left them years ago. They refused.

If I meet a representative of the Journal Times again [working level, suits are excluded], I'll be polite and keep my mouth shut.

I'll also try not to terrorize those poor saps they have shilling the newspaper at the entrances to stores on weekends. I'll try not to holler out, "The Journal Times is a cancer on our community!"

kkdither said...

Wow. I'm so surprised! No appeals being filed?

I had a beautiful money tree growing on the parkway. The city sent me a letter saying it HAD to be pruned, or I'd be fined. (evidently, a very picky and tall neighbor complained a few branches were a little bit too low over the sidewalk) I hired a tree guy who charged me plenty to chop off the low branches of my money tree and also thin it out for 'better health.' For three years following, the tree deteriorated. One day, there appeared an orange X on the trunk. Eventually, the city came and took out the remains. :(

Tricky Dicky said...

KKDither -No appeals possible yet.

This is just part of the Case, now the trial goes forward. The appeal will most likely ONLY occur if John loses.

AND it is John - NOT Mayor -

SER said...

Tricky Dicky said...

AND it is John - NOT Mayor -

Laugh'in, I like the separation.

OrbsCorbs said...

For legal purpooses, it's true. John Dickert is being sued, not Mayor Dickert.