Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Large fight inside The Place on 6th"

From The Journal, February 28, 2012:

"Fights prompt examination of Fair’s bar — Alleged incidents at Place on 6th draw more attention to the alderman"

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From, early this morning:

"Large fight inside The Place on 6th"

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That's my alderman's bar. The one where he allegedly got into a fight with a pregnant employee and later punched her in his car.

Given the backdrop of the Park 6 fiasco, this will surely grow into a full-fledged circus, perhaps even a national one.


TSE said...

They are working on passing the ordinance that will deal with this now.

You can find the text at this link - a 3 strikes and you're out law.

"Ordinance No. 2-12

To repeal and recreate Sec. 66-1001, repeal and recreate Sec. 66-1002 and create Sec. 66-1004 of the Municipal Code of the City of Racine, Wisconsin relating to Nuisance properties.

1. Any premises to which the Police Department is called to respond to complaints of any nuisance activity, three (3) or more separate times within any thirty (30) day period, is deemed to have received and require more than the general, acceptable level of police services, and places an undue burden upon the taxpayers of the City. For purposes of this subsection, a nuisance activity shall be offenses under Chapter 66 of this Code or their statutory counterparts, or any offense under state law for which a penalty of forfeiture, fine or imprisonment is provided. An offense shall not be considered a nuisance activity if it is committed by a person having no association with the premises by acquaintance with, relation to, or expressed or implied invitation from the owner, occupant, operator or agent of the premises.

I used to drink there when it was Ron's. Remember Linda was shot in the head there and 2 others killed during a robbery.

One time we had a couple of guys run through with the Police right after them. In the back, out the front.

There is a lot of people trapped down there with no jobs and kids everywhere - I'm surprised it isn't worse. Rising gas prices and food costs coupled with continuing high unemployment should be the spark for a Summer of violence.

TSE said...

"The one where he allegedly got into a fight with a pregnant employee and later punched her in his car."

A very interesting incident.

I became curious again, so I CCAP'd Keith Fair - uh, there are no open cases or charges shown for the case. The whole thing appears to have disappeared, along with the woman.

I repeatedly pointed out that Sheriff Schmaling making the medical diagnosis of "delusional" was highly unusual and most likely some violation against Keith Fair. To my mind - the City would gladly drop the felony charges if Keith Fair would drop a possible Federal Lawsuit. Win - Win.

NO - no circus. The new ordinance will soon be in place and the Place on 6th. will close quietely.

Looking at Thomas Holmes case on CCAP:

"The court did not issue an injunction against the respondent in this case. The reasons were stated on the record and may be explained in the final order. No adverse inference should be drawn against the respondent when an injunction is denied or a case dismissed. The fact that a petition was originally filed means nothing."

Highly interesting - but Thomas Holmes has also gone away -

James Spodick was in the legal notices the other day - he was getting foreclosed on his big place on Indian Hills - IF I remember right, the $$$ was over a million.

Racines problems have been taken care of in the usual manner - behind closed doors and in secret.

Dickert is now free to save Racine with Fish Farming which offers an opportunity for thousands of jobs, and the taxpayer giveaway to Port Blue - which will balloon into multiple millions.

EST said...

OH! I learned something new!

Keith Fair is O. Keith Fair, not Keith O.Fair!

Charges are still pending!

I should do that with my name!

OrbsCorbs said...

Yeah, his first name is Otha or something like that. Years ago, I thought it was his wife.

I didn't expect any charges again Holmes. He's the one promising to sue us.

As for Fair, I can't discuss him rationally. Ever since I found out that he was paid to be a "drug counselor" with our tax dollars, I just think of all the drunks and addicts I know (MY people) who have died because of lies from Fair and the other cons in the "treatment industry." They profit from the misery of others. They are murderers, as surely as if they had stuck the needle directly into the hearts of their victims. He is the worst scum imaginable - a leech on a leech on a leech. He calls himself a minister, but he has no divinity degree. He calls himself a drug counselor, but he has no training in the field. and he punches women. What a pig! He and lying John are flip sides of the same coin.

OrbsCorbs said...

And what the hell kind of "drug counselor" owns a notorious bar? Or minister, for that matter? I remember the video ass-kissing interview of Fair that Lumpkin did on the old Insider News site. A guy who was fired from the Kenosha Police Department for drugs is lauded as a "leader" in the black community. Makes me want to vomit.

legal stranger said...

Maybe racine county corruption will expand it's horizons when done with it's current case and will look into and expose matters like this in the future.