Friday, March 16, 2012

Thoughts To Ponder


Toad said...

SER, Kinda like OUR generation hey? I was not one of them, but who the hell paid for all the hippies of our generation, AND NOW, that a bunch of them are vegetables. I don't condone the list of things brought up here, but If the young don't stand up AGAIN, WHO WILL?

TSE said...

Toad- that is one way to read the cartoon, and it is valid.

There is another way also - it is what we see today. Where cost and regulations make a Business almost unprofitable from the start.

Sure, there is work to do, but costs for housing, food, fuel, insurance, licenses, and then taxes, make it unprofitable from day one. There is also a point of saturation for members of an occupation, then there can be no more.

Look at todays Daily Job Cuts, WOW! People being thrown under the wheels of the bus left and right - so business can maintain profitability and shareholders (retirees and pension funds) can remain solvent. It is getting painful to look at the layoffs.

Don't think it's so bad - unemployment numbers lie! Look at <a href=">California Tax Revenues Plunge</a>. Is it better to give the masses something to spend - than create desperation and anger?

What you are witnessing is global stagflation caused by peak oil. It doesn't get any better from here on out. The growth game is over. Europe, being fuel poor, and an importer, is economically finished. Unemployment for the young is around 50% in Spain. It's not what they want - it's what is. All we have is going to fuel our lifestyle, a lifestyle we can't afford.

SOON - Good health will be priceless - all others will be dead. Then the problem of excess will be over.

TSE said...

California Tax Revenues Plunge

OrbsCorbs said...


A long, long time ago, when I was young and dinosaurs roamed the earth, I went to college at UW-Parkside. It was cheap, compared to other universities. I worked part time. Still, I had to borrow some money. I took out student loans, and then, after I graduated, I paid them back. Apparently, it no longer works that way.

Toad said...

TSE, I agree that social issues like these are problems for the people (Like Us) trying to makes ends meet, but suggest It Is really only a small part of the problem. We have a Government that spends without regard. To them Millions of dollars are NOTHING. It all adds up. IF we hadn't made the mistake of going to war In Iraq MOST If not all of the problems we have would not exist. I only supported Afghanistan (don't now) because of the support of the people responsible for 9.11 A good example of how this current time of decline we are In regarding employment, or lack of etc. I stopped taking my blood thinner drug, because I refuse to pay over $200.00 a month (with Ins.) for It. I actually beginning to think the stories about wanting us oldies to drop dead was true? In closing I do understand where you are coming from and agree, but more important. You were able to give your opinion without name calling etc. which Is what a lot of us just plain hated.

Thank You:

Toad said...

Orb's, THAT Is an interesting statement. What you say WAS the norm. NOW, for some unknown reason student think that the Government should pay for them to receive the GREAT BIG degree's they choose. Uh, Uh. They should pay for the loans they took out. I know a poor guy from near Madison that sent his kid to college to get TWO degrees. One In Geology, and I don't remember the other one. It cost him, and he is STILL paying after 20 years, $125K for that education. Know what kid decided to do with his life? He own a tavern In Milwaukee. His dad's his silent partner. Hee, Hee.

kkdither said...

cheques That was the first thing I noticed. This cartoon isn't from the U.S. That is a french word, might even be from canada? People are hurting everywhere. People are tired of the bullshit. The problem with the proposed "solution" is that the wrong people are getting it stuck to them.

You will always have freeloaders... and they will always find a way to manipulate the system. That is, unless we become such a hard nosed, me-only society where we completely turn our backs and let them (and their children)die in the streets, or starve them until they become violent and take what they want and need. I don't think that is the answer, either.

Sassa said...

Toad..I had to get new health ins Jan 1 'cause my old one stopped in Wisconsin. Boy did I luck out. The new ins pays for ALL my prescriptions and doc visits. I didn't believe it until I got my first refills and there it was..NO CHARGE. I pay the same, $99/mo taken out of my social security. In 1984 I went to Gateway, 2 yrs, and was supposed to get the $$ from my old jobapplied for a Pell Grant..which paid for school, books plus extra $$ telling me I could get a part time job for the rest of the $$ I needed, I applied for student loan $2500.00 each year which I had to pay back. I don't think I was just lucky I found the help I needed at the time. I want to tell people there IS help for poor people out there but evveryone implies I am living of the tax payers. I think I paid my fair share of taxes. Some dumb decissions(?) made me poor I admit. But I am coping.

Toad said...

Sassa, That Is wonderful, and I am happy It worked out for you. I am also certain you paid your fair share, as we know the filthy rich want nothing to do with.

Sassa said...

Toad...I was trying to let you know about the insurance. It's unbelieveable. An
them Blue Corss Blue Shield. Maybe it could help you out if you can choose your own ins.

kkdither said...

If you aren't paying for it, someone else is. Those who are getting a good deal through Badgercare or whatever are being supplemented by the general public. I'm not saying that is a bad thing.

The problem is that the base cost of medical care and prescriptions are way too high. They are way too high to "figure in" those who can't or don't pay. Medicare doesn't pay the full amount. Big insurance companies negotiate, so they don't pay the full amount. Those who pay for their insurance, then pay the deductibles, copays, and balances left over which aren't paid, make up for all that lost revenue to doctors and health care providers, and still it isn't enough.

We need to fix those 'fixes,' bring costs into control, and then figure out how we can provide affordable health to everyone, even those who can't pay for it. The only answer might be across the board, universal health care. That scares the crap out of me, but the current system is bankrupting our economy. Employers are saying they can no longer offer health care benefits, and are hesitant to hire new employees.