Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my May flowers! How are you? Spring is still bursting out all over out there. I think the flowering trees in the city are trying to impress us with their beauty. I’m impressed. I’m almost stupefied. Everywhere you look is a glorious display of form and color. The shrubs, the flowers, even the grass, are vibrant. Hail to thee, o joyous spring!

Did any of you go to the Kiwanis Pancake Day last Saturday? Junior and I went with Mr. Zanza. My, Junior can pack away the pancakes. My, o my! Junior is at that sensitive age where he is aware of the opposite sex, but he has no idea of what to do with them. I pointed out that all those pancakes might affect his waistline, thus making him less attractive to girls. That was a mistake. I really hurt him. To compensate for the emotional pain, he ate even more. The poor dear. Well, we certainly got our money’s worth. I wonder if they’ll let us back in next year.

I do not want to start an argument here, but I feel I must say that I endorse the Positively Racine campaign. Like Ms. WhyNot, I can see good arising from it. Our city needs a better self-image. Once people are of a positive mindset, it becomes contagious. That’s what we need to move forward. Of course, Mr. OrbsCorbs and others have a right to disagree. In fact, they positively do.

Of course, the state recall primary was yesterday. I am so frustrated that our political system has become an either/or operation. There is no middle ground, there are no moderate candidates, there is no compromise. Either you are this or you are that. There is no third option other than the useless write-in. The ideological gridlock is complete, cemented in place with hatred and fear. It’s a shame that for being so technologically connected, we are personally disconnected by politics. I have an opinion of politicians, but I will not sully my own blog with it.

Finally, I would like to give a big, hearty THANK YOU to our local area law enforcement officials, firefighters, and EMTs. You put your very lives on the line to protect ours. We want you to know that we appreciate it. We want you to know that we are grateful for your work and your presence in our lives. May God bless you.

Bless you, too, my dear readers. Thank you for stopping by to try my “wares.” I am flattered by your attention. I love you all.

Left, right, or dynamite? Ask Madame Zoltar:

I hope you are enjoying the spring. Don’t forget to say a positive thing or two about our town. “You catch more flies with honey.” Stay sweet, my dears. Here’s a new word site: Schizothemia!


TSE said...

gOOd mOrnIng MME. Zoltar!


I am positive Racine needs anyone else but John Dickert (Failed Real Estate Agent(tm)) as Mayor.

I am positive Racine would prosper and succeed if it went back to it's manufacturing roots and worked to become competitive in a realistic global economic model and embraced a government that valued thrift and hard work!

I am positive that Racine is being sucked dry by clueless rag-a-muffins in charge who are practicing the destructive policies of Loot and Scoot.

I am positive that burying your head in the sand and not recognizing the need for change will lead Racine to economic collapse!

I am positive State Street is financially dead and would make a suitable Wild West style Ghost Town. - on that Note - Perhaps we could get Black Bart and script Stage Coach Robberies - on State Street, in front of the Lincoln Block. It would take advantage of our increasing Tourism, as recently reported by the *Daily Shopper*.

Seeing Black Bart at Wisconsin Dells was a favourite of mine as a Child - of this I am positive...

"Charles Earl Bowles (b.1829; d.after 1888), better known as Black Bart, was an English-born American Old West outlaw noted for his poetic messages left after two of his robberies. Also known as Charles Bolton, C.E. Bolton and Black Bart the Po8,[1] he was a gentleman bandit, and one of the most notorious stagecoach robbers to operate in and around Northern California and southern Oregon during the 1870s and 1880s.

He had a great reputation for style and sophistication"

I'm POSITIVE Dickert (Failed Real Estate Agent(tm))and Friedel (who makes more than me(tm)) lack the style and sophication of Black Bart as they rob Racine.

SER said...

I am having a hard time with the Positively Racine campaign, basically because of our city consul.

I believe businesses are trying to survive and make Racine a better place to live, shop and work. Racine Unified is way out of control and along with the loss of funding I’m afraid we are going to have a bunch of uneducated young adults in a few years.

TSE said...

"I’m afraid we are going to have a bunch of uneducated young adults in a few years."

As though we don't already?

Children DO have a choice as to what to fill their head with - and education isn't one of those priorities. It doesn't help Racine is full of unqualified/irresponsible single Mothers who are not fit Mothers.

Education = Money? NOT IN MY BOOK. Teachers will have to learn to work with less - live simply so others may simply live. That's a good creed. Stop the money mantra - if that's what you want - go into the private sector and "make what you're worth". Any takers?

jedwis said...

Hi Mme Z...back to the topic at hand here...Yes I did have my plate of 3 pancakes and 2 sausages on Saturday, no going back for seconds. Did you walk thru the artsy fartsy flee market next door? I did and I felt real sorry for the vendors, it was so cold and raining. I don't think the Ice cream guy did to well! Thanks for the post Mme Z.

kkdither said...

You might say I'm schizothemic, I blame the passing years. I can walk into the next room and forget why I went there. Maybe it is just trying to multi-task to too high a level? Gee, I hope so.

As for Black Bart, we have rumors, if not roots in Dillinger robbing a bank in Racine. We should probably use that route, instead.

I will only make one comment, we need balance, no? Teachers are not the money hungry problem they are made out to be. Until you are in charge, in a classroom setting of 30+ students, you haven't a clue as to what that job encompasses; we can all look at someone else's job and think we know.... Classrooms are not what you and I sat in. Laws and rules have been established that prevent the discipline level we all knew. There are many people who try teaching, can't handle it and DO leave to the private sector, where they usually make more money.

Anonymous said...

See all the talk that my blog generated? That's positive.

Mr. jedwis, do you have ESP perhaps? A touch of the psychic? As I wrote the blog, I was thinking of adding some comments about the art fair next to Pancake Day. I felt sorry for the vendors, too and I didn't stay long. I remember when that was the Monument Square Art Fair, and it was held on Monument Square. And the Starving Artists Fair held in East Park was started as an alternative to the "aloof" Monument Square Art Fair.

Anonymous said...

Who is for doing something positive for Racine and taking back city hall by recalling Dickert?

jedwis said...

I don't know if it's ESP or what Mme Z...but all I know is I got something. lol

SER said...

Was the Starving Artists Fair already held?

I always like going to that one.