Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spring In Wisconsin Wildflowers!

This part is pictures I have taken from up north over the weekend. It is pictures of wildflowers and the names of them. I was able to get these pictures in between getting wildlife pictures, visiting Drew's family, cookout by my son on Saturday for Mother's Day and my older daughters graduation.

Yes while driving around looking for wildlife I was looking for the wildflowers so I could get pictures of them. Drew's mom showed some of them to me by their house that she has coming up too. I was having fun walking around the yard and taking pictures of the flowers with his mom. Then she showed me a wildflower book she has so we could look up the names of the flowers. I could not believe how many different wildflowers that are out there.

This is a Bird-Foot Violet. This was found up north by Drew's mom and dad's house. This has the larger blossom of the wild violets. They are a very pretty violet flower too.

This a Broom Snakeweed flower. This is really different and hard to find the name but a very pretty flower. This was also found by Drew's parents house. I found out on the computer that this can come in a bush of flowers or in singles.

This is a Wood Violet it was also found in the yard of Drew's parents. This violet can be found all over the world. It is a very common flower. I have not seen this violet down here at all and we have been driving around all over down here.

This flower is a Trillium. Yes this is a very common flower are here but this was taken in the driveway of Drew's parents. Driving around up north you will see these flowers and it looks like a very light blanket of snow with these flowers on the side of the roads. They are a very pretty flower.

This flower is a Viola Sororia it is in the family of the Violets. This is also Wisconsin's State Flower. This flower comes in many different colors. They are also a family of the Pansy being tri-colors. This is another flower found by Drew's parents house. The flower below is another Viola Sororia that I had taken. I just wanted you to see the different colors of them.

Yes all the pictures here was up north when we visited Drew's parents. We had a really nice visit with them and I really enjoyed walking around the yard looking at the different wild flowers they have growing. I already miss being up that way with it being so quiet and just driving around on the country roads. Yes I also miss the families. I did get to see my granddaughter that is another post by itself of some pictures of her. I hope you all enjoy these pictures just as much as I enjoyed taking them!♥


Sassa said...

You are totally excellent taking these pictures. I liked the bird ones too. The pics are so delicate..showing just one or two. Very nice . Thanks for sharing. BTW I once heard it is illegal in Wisconsin to pick wild flowers.

Tender Heart Bear said...

It does say that on the wildflower sight I am on to get the names of the flowers. But I see people picking them all the time. I guess if you get caught then you pay the price! Thank you Sassa!

kkdither said...

The pictures are very nice. I love driving through and hiking through Pets in Kenosha during the spring. They have tons of trilliums, but you have to catch them, they don't last long.

Sassa, I've heard the same about fines for removing these wildflowers. Many of them are on the endangered or restricted list.

OrbsCorbs said...

Beautiful pictures, THB. I've never seen that many trillium at once. Very nice.

"Native Wisconsin Wildflowers: Why Wildflower Picking is Illegal in Wisconsin" -

legal stranger said...

Is it illegal to eat wildflowers too? Great pictures, but how about a picture of the elusive arbutus flower that used to be all around Arbutus lake before we turned the wildwoods into yards?

Tender Heart Bear said...

Legal Stranger- We may have a picture of that from up north. I have to go through the rest of my pictures to see if I do.

Kk and Orbs- Thank you.