Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my bodacious bon-bons!  How are you?  Our weather continues in warm and sunny mode.  Too much of a good thing?  Many lawns around town have turned yellow and brown.  Our grass usually doesn’t go dormant until late July or August.  As I’ve said before, we’re about a month ahead of schedule.  The ground is hard as a rock.  A little rain would go a long way.

I don’t even try to list all of the events occurring in and around Racine at this time of year.  It’s like asking how many stars are in the sky.  I suggest checking The Journal events calendar:  Events come and go daily.  That’s where I found out about this, “Racine Astronomical Society Open House, Fri, Jun 15 2012, 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm CDT:”  The Racine Astronomical Society is a wonderful group, Their website has a virtual tour of the grounds, which include the  Modine-Benstead Observatory:

(Don’t forget, if you visit The Journal too much, you’ll have to start paying them.  Oh my.)

“Summertime and the living is easy…”  Or is it?  Road construction all over Racine has made it anything but easy to get around.  I still do most of my traveling by automobile.  (Astral projecting is not quite as accurate as driving is, and a/p is an enormous drain on my psychic powers.  I’d rather pay $4 a gallon for gas than try to astral project around town.)  There is so much construction, and so many detours, that it has become trying just to go from place to place.  Where are the flying cars that they promised us in the 1950’s?  Personal helicopters would allow us to hop from shop to shop.  Why aren’t Racine citizens given free Segways® and Hoverounds®? Why isn’t our Mr. Mayor Dickert looking into these issues?

There is a stink afoot concerning a local police chief.  Why do our area public officials get into so much trouble?  This is another black eye for Racine, justified or not. Lawsuit, charges against an alderman, another alderman making a ninny of himself on TV, oh my, oh my.  Really?  This is the best that we can do?  How utterly sad.

I will not end my blog on a negative note, my dears.  You are my Positive Pollies; you are the ones that lift my spirits when they flag.  Thank you for reading my blog today.  Thank you for every day.

How to get from here to there:

Party, party, party, my Irregulars!  The days are hot, the nights are cool, have yourself fun, don’t be a fool.  School’s out, so watch out for the kids.  I’ll watch out for you.  Palamate!  


jedwis said...

Happy Wednesday Mme Z. Looks like you were a big fan of the "Jetsons". Me personally, last time I had a palamate I got a doohickey.

kkdither said...

I had my palamate looked at and removed. lol.

Happy summer. Reading your column, madame, has been a great start to a beautiful day.

SER said...

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood a beautiful day in the neighborhood won’t you be my neighbor?

hale-bopp said...

One problem with the observatory this time of year is late sunset+long twilight means it doesn't get dark quick enough...oh, and watch out for mosquitos!

TSE said...

Good Day MME. Zoltar - I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Summer and making it down to North Beach - the Jewel of Racine. It is truly nice down there - and some *nice* bodies can be seen there.... you know, a little eye candy always makes one happy.

Out here in Mt. Pleasant we have had yet ANOTHER sad situation, and preferential treatment is being given. It's not an issue of innocent or guilty - IT'S THE PROCESS. The ARREST RECORD MUST BE entered into CCAP. It happens to EVERYONE - except certain Police Chiefs. WHY is this important - because it's an arrest record that NEVER goes away. IF you are innocent, you can hire a Lawyer, and have the record EXPUNGED - BUT it STILL EXISTS. This is accessible by SPECIAL PEOPLE, and the POLICE, through their secret PHOENIX SYSTEM. SO - we can see why Mt. Pleasant Police Chief Tim Zarzecki is DEMANDING and RECEIVING SPECIAL TREATMENT - THAT WHICH IS NOT AFFORDED TO ORDINARY CITIZENS.

Unfortunately, I received correspondence that said the PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT was warranted because it was a "SPECIAL DAY" - oh really? Where so I get my "SPECAIL DAY" get out of jail free card?

It's the PROCESS - and it's CORRUPT - and it's WRONG - WRONG- WRONG.

BTW - if the Wife was off her meds - shouldn't she have been taken to a Psych Ward for Observation and Evaulation -

KNOW YOUR MASTERS! All Animals are equal, some are just more equal than others!

TSE said...

BTW - I FIND IT FASCINATING that people equate what I am saying with a claim of "Guilt" - NO SUCH THING!!!


He's fighting this TOOTH AND NAIL because HE KNOWS!!!


Too many of you are brain-washed!

OrbsCorbs said...

Too many people don't read Madame Zoltar and don't benefit from her vibe. Party on, Mme. Z!

I knew a kid who was palamate. They took him to the doctor, but the doctor turned out to be a quack.

legal stranger said...

Thanks for the great column today Mm Z.
TSE, your point is well taken, the process should be the same for all.

kkdither said...

^^orbs, that was so funny, I have tears from laughing. Thanks!