Monday, July 16, 2012

Dear Madame Zoltar - Can I Trust These Guys? emailed me birthday greetings.  They're also offering some specials. ("More birthday gifts for you.")

The email shows a cupcake I'm supposed to click on to claim my gift.  "We've wrapped a special Full-Length Solar Return Birthday Reading (a $14.95 value!), exclusively for you!"

That sounds like a prety good deal.  They knew about my birthday, so I think I can trust them.  Should I click on the cupcake or not?


kkdither said...

I'm not sure where Mme. Z is, maybe she has found some cool respite?

While it looks like a lovely cupcake, looks can be deceiving. Orbs, I'd stay away like the plague. How can you top any reading by our beloved Madame? Besides her lovely fix-anything tonics, she gives the irregulars a super discount!

OKIE said...

I agree with KK - stick with Mme Z.

lizardmom said...

don't do it, trust our cake, not their cupcake!

legal stranger said...

cupcake sounds inviting.............
and you know you can trust everything on the internet, right?
don't give in to temptation, stay with who you know!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be so late in responding to this, but we had some electrical problems at home. I was just about to turn on the computer when the power went off. It's an old house and the electrician kept pointing out things that need to be upgraded. Oh my.

Thank you Ms. kkdither, Ms. Mary, Ms. lizardmom, and Mr. legal stranger for your kind words and support. This really is my home and my family. You would think that loyalty would be automatic, but a childish mind can be distracted by shiny baubles and internet offers.

Mr. OrbsCorbs, I suggest that you click on that cupcake if you want to. However, spam and spyware will be your "gift." Always look for the Psychic, Astrologist, and Paranormal (PAP) seal of approval.

Thank you, Mr. OrbsCorbs, for sharing your email with us and for having the sense to contact me before you did something foolish (I hope).

At first, my feelings were a bit hurt over this, but then I considered the source and felt much better.

OrbsCorbs said...

I'm sorry, Madame Z. I was carried away with the festiveness of the occasion.

It's like needing an astrophysicist and asking hale-bopp if he knows any good ones. I deeply apologize and ask your forgiveness.

Thank goodness birthdays only happen once a year.

OrbsCorbs said...

And no, I didn't click on the cupcake, yet.