Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Open Blog - Tuesday

Have a great day.


OrbsCorbs said...

NĂºmero u.

Remember that warm summer night on North Beach? Me, neither, but we'll always have the memory.

kkdither said...

Numero deux
I remember that night... was that you in the bushes? ;>

TSE said...

The World is Changing!!

The future that has been mortgaged and the bills that have been earnmarked for future generations are no longer payable.

Teachers Union Expelled from School District
The Douglas County School District, a suburban community south of Denver, Colorado, has decided to part ways with their teachers’ union in the absence of progress on a new contract which expired June 30th, 2012.

“The Board of Education finds and declares that the Collective Bargaining Agreements between the District and the Unions,” said the district on July 3rd in its formal resolution dissolving the bonds between the union and the district, “which had been effective from July 1, 2011 through and including June 30, 2012, are now expired and of no legal effect whatsoever.”

The dissolution between the district and the union is unprecedented and sources close to the union tell me that unions are pensively watching, worried that other districts around Colorado and the country could take the same action as Douglas County has.

MEANWHILE, In Scranton PA. which is a harbinger for Racine!

Scranton's workers now paid minimum wage"
Scranton, Pennsylvania's, the state's sixth-most-populous city (population of 76,089 in 2010 census), is down to its last $5,000 and has no way to pay salaries.

The mayor wants an immediate tax hike of 29% and 78% over three years. In every sense of the word, Scranton is bankrupt.

NPR reports Scranton's Public Workers Now Paid Minimum Wage.

The city of Scranton, Pa., sent out paychecks to its employees Friday, like it does every two weeks. But this time the checks were much smaller than usual. Mayor Chris Doherty has reduced everyone's pay — including his own — to the state's minimum wage: $7.25 an hour.

Doherty says his city has run out of money.

The great game of Buy Today, Pay Tomorrow is almost over. The Baby Boomers are about to discover - You CAn't Have it All!

jedwis said...

On a much lighter note...I hope everyone has a great day. I was thinking, lol, if your feet smell and your nose runs, seems like you were built upside down.

OKIE said...

As always Jed, thanks for the morning giggle!

Toad said...

Yesterday a girl answered the phone at the grocery store, and her name was Tracy. I started singing the song "Tracy" to her, but forgot the words, she never heard of It since It was from the sixties. I told her she should look It up, because It was a real upbeat song, and lots of fun. Today I look to see who did the song, and It was "The Cuff Links" Two Girls, and I don't even remember the name "Cuff Links" HOW does this happen?

Beejay said...

Have a great day...I know, I'm arriving late to the party, AGAIN.

Put a smile on your face and keep it there...makes people wonder...;)

jedwis said...

Thanks Beejay, can I add that to my collection? I like it.

Ever wonder why there is no mental illness in Saudi Arabia?
Because there are nomad people there.

jedwis said...

Speaking of noses( I was earlier) do you realize it is the scenter of your face? lol, I'm on a roll and aren't you all happy?

lizardmom said...

late to the party here,
slept in a little this morning, lunch with the birthday kid , froglover and 2 of the birthday kids friends to Salute, yummy! they party headed down to the beach and the house is quiet again, maybe I'll be able to get to sleep before they return? :)

SER said...

Because there are nomad people there.

Oh Jed, now there's a knee slapper.

Lizardmom, sleep is over rated. Remember, better living through chemistry. Fire up on some speedballs or something...

Beejay...that is fact...
Put a smile on your face and keep it there...makes people wonder...;)

Beejay...that is fact...

What else you can do is while your walking, stop and look up. Pretty soon people around you will be looking up trying to figure out what you’re looking at!

OrbsCorbs said...

Cats do that a lot. You'll be looking at each other, and then the cat looks up and to the side of your head. When you look, there is nothing there, but when you look back, the cat is staring at you like, "wtf."

kkdither said...

I was off trying to be regular. It isn't all that it is cracked up to be. :) Tuesday? Pffft!