Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Best of Racine 2012

Ok boys and girls, time to do this again.

In this 1st installment for the year, 
please nominate your choice for Best of Racine - 

Best pizza - thin crust

Best pizza - thick crust

Best Italian 

More catergories will follow, vote/nominate now


lizardmom said...

thin - Mike and Angelos
thick - Infusino's on Washington
Italian - Infusino's on Rapids

jedwis said...

Hey LM...this can be like Drew's 4 for Friday thingy, only on a Tuesday, kinda like a Three for Tuesdays... more caffeine please.

1. M & A ( Quiz..What was it called before M & A?) KK, if someone wins, can I borrow a prize from Bedroom follies?
2. Piggly Wiggly - frozen DiGiorno's
3. Roma Lodge...you don't have to be Italian anymore

kkdither said...

thin: M&A/Bernies/Wells, they are all similar and all are good. Nice to mix it up.

thick: Can't live without Ferraro's deep dish. No meat no veggies. Pure cheese with crushed red pepper. Mmmm.

Italian: Oh, I can't divulge his name! Wait, you mean food? ;> I guess my own cooking beats most anything out there.

Now I'm hungry. Maybe our next outing should be pizza? And jed... borrowing, follies? Those valuable prizes are for serious winners only!

Why Not? said...

Thin: Wells
Thick: guilty pleasure is DeRangos in West Racine, just because I grew up on that stuff..
Italian: Salutes I think.. been awhile since I've been to Italian restaurants in Racine..

drewzepmeister said...

Thin crust-Wells Brothers or San Fransisco Grill

Pan pizza- Pia's all the way! Their breakfasts are to die for as well.

Italian- Hmmm.. Have never been to Salute's. Had been to Olive Garden a couple of times, that was years ago. DeRango's on Douglas is good and so was Infusino's on Rapids.

OrbsCorbs said...

Thin - DeRango's on Douglas and 3 Mile.
Thick - I don't know. I don't eat it much.
Italian - Salute's.

OKIE said...

Thin - Mike and Angelos

Thick - really don't do thick

Italian - Is Totero's still open and is that the name? By Case's old foundry. They made a mean lasagna.

kkdither said...

They did do a mean lasagna, Mary. Wasn't Tuesday lasagna night? You had to be there early, in the first "wave" to get seated, or you could have a long wait. I think they cut back to lunch only when "mama" died, then when Case moved out... ? Not sure if they even serve food anymore. I never see cars lined up. The building is still there, but it might only be a bar.

The Spaghetti Station in Kenosha was also a good place for lasagna. Sadly, that closed a few years back.

RWWackoStu said...

M and A was called Off Broadway before..

Thin - Valentia's
Thick - Valentia's
Italian - Valentia's

( I am a little biased)

OrbsCorbs said...

Stu, are we doing football this year?

Tender Heart Bear said...

Yes I know I am late to post mine so here it goes-

1) Wells Brothers and San Fransisco Grill.

2) Pia's

3) Infusino's on Rapids

jedwis said...

I guess no one wanted to play my quiz except Stu.
Stu, I don't know about Off Broadway, I remember playing softball years ago for the bar there called "Salty's" It was back when they televised the game on Thursday night.