Monday, November 5, 2012

"Station 5 first on the scene of massive house fire-3800 block of Spruce-VIDEO"


"4:30 p.m. – A full response from the Racine Fire Department responded to a house fire in the 3800 block of Spruce this evening. Station 5 was the first on scene and began setting up and battling the blaze. The fire has gone defensive at this time, meaning it is to dangerous to enter ( This is the SAME station that the City of Racine wants to shut down due to budget issues)."

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As RacineUncovered states, Station 5 is the fire station that Dickert wants to shut down.  He does this while increasing the slush fund for outside counsel.  More money for more lawyers defending Dickert's lies, while basic services are cut back for residents, perhaps with deadly consequences. 


Toad said...

Orb's, I would suspect that Humble Park station would be the closest. That station serves a large area, and It's insane to close a fairly up to date station. I would think the station on 16th just off Taylor would be a better choice, If It were necessary. It pretty much sits between Downtown, and Lathrop.

OrbsCorbs said...

No station should be closed.
Dickert's mouth should be closed.

Toad said...

Orb's, That's true, but If they had to close one. The Humble Park Station doesn't make sense.

OrbsCorbs said...

That's the only one without an ambulance. I understand that is part of the considerations.