Sunday, December 23, 2012

Open Blog - Festivus

Let us commence with the Airing of Grievances.


SER said...

Grievances...Oh my where do I start:

Top of the list is politicians who lie. You elect them with confidence they will do what they campaigned for; and once in, it’s a whole new story.

The next would be people who need help; you go out of your way to help them, including financially to a point and they turn around and shit on ya.

Another is the amount of “trouble makers” in the schools. These idiots are taking away the rights of other students. There is no way teachers/instructors/support personnel should have to deal with them, throw them right out of school.

We have the most unjust justice system in the world. As an example, Child molesters, rapists and murders spend less time in jail then back robbers!

Gun control freaks…take away everyone’s guns, are you kidding me!

I could go on, but I’ll stop here, the ones listed about are my biggest or major gripes.

kkdither said...

Joy to the world and peace on earth.

There are plenty of things that are wrong. Let's attack them Jan 1. We just survived the end of the world, and now there is a fiscal cliff. We seem to not be able to be happy unless there is a storm, crime or disaster to give a pet media name.

Why Not? said...

Well I just received a wonderful present... It was plane tickets for me and the family back home to Racine this coming summer.. It will be so nice to come back for a visit.. I just figured I would not be able to make it this summer, even with a job, the price of tickets were going to be more than we could afford this year.. but my MIL, FIL, MILs father, and my parents have all agreed to send us home to Racine this summer.. now we just have to get new passports for Mina..

legal stranger said...

Start early on that passport for Mina.

OrbsCorbs said...

Why Not, that's great. We'll have a summer get together.

I air my grievances all year long on the JTI.

SER said...

Another one I am having a hard time dealing with and we are seeing it more and more, are these people who have been arrested 5, 6,..12 times for drunk driving!

We need to support these individuals by placing them on an island such as Alcatraz and feed them nothing but a cheese sandwich and all the beer and booze they can drink, so they drink themselves to death.

No law enforcement on the island, let them police themselves.