Wednesday, January 30, 2013



Why Not? said...

Mina will be hearing about 41 hours of labor.. she already rolls her eyes at me when I bring it up... that was on top of being 2 weeks late, little stinker..

OrbsCorbs said...

41 hours! I hope you got paid overtime.

Cute baby pics.

SER said...

41 hours HOLY CRAP, that's the most I have ever heard of.

Was it raining or snowing she didn't want to come out play?

Why Not? said...

We say she is Mama's girl, didnt want to come out and leave her mama.. to this day she is still very attached to me..

It was a beautiful day.. I remember at one point I had a moment of clarity (which were not that many those days) and I looked outside and said.. what a beautiful day to be born.. of course she waiting until 10:45 p.m. to actually come out so she missed it.. the day after it was cold and gray..