Saturday, January 19, 2013

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legal stranger said...

Here is my thoughts of conspiracy. Fast and Furious is a conspiracy to FIRST MURDER, then create mayhem then dissension, and then divide the country.
Remember rule #1. To defeat your enemy: Divide to conquer.
If there weren't criminal acts in Fast and Furious, why didn’t criminal HOLDER come clean, release documents and testify. Eric Holder and all co-conspirators must be held accountable for MURDER- CONSPIRACY TO MURDER and TREASON.
Only people blinded by their party's ideology can't see this.
Here is something else to ponder, in my research , since 1975, over 80% of mass murders were committed by registered democrats or came from democratic families.
This 80% number is so statistically skewed that I cannot come up with an explanation.
PONDERING.......That is a scary statistic.
Here is another scary statistic. Since the U.S. government declared the WAR ON DRUGS (circa Nixon) and Psycho Nancy Reagan’s "Just Say No" to drugs, drug deaths are on the rise.
The government makes it illegal to buy, sell ,use illegal drugs and the death toll still rises. WHY?
Because there is no war on drugs, just another government LIE .
Because the various government agency's gets a huge payoff by seizure of cash and collection of fines. DAH…….. The war on drugs is a money tree for the money hungry government bastards.
Making drugs illegal and the deaths still go up? WTF
Making specific drugs illegal has not reduced the deaths., nor will making specific weapons illegal reduce the death numbers.This is a continuation of government lies to entrap and enslave the population.

Banning assault weapons will have the same negative impact for our society.
There will still be more deaths.
Banning weapons is a government conspiracy to disarm, piece by piece, arm by arm until the population cannot defend itself. There are over 12 million owners of "anti-assault" weapons who keep their arms to protect their family, and possibly their country. These armed citizens do not make headlines because they are moral people, they value life and freedom. It is their RIGHT protected by the Constitution of the United States of America to keep and bear arms.
If specified arms are good for the U.S. government, then by reason it is good for its citizens.
Herein lays the difference between our corrupt and evil bastards in government, and its moral citizens.
Moral citizens would never stockpile or use weapons of mass destruction, nor would they keep or use chemical or biological weapons.
The U.S. has the largest stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons in the world.
WHY? …………… Only criminals would want to keep that shit.
Let's clean up our government trash.

When government officials violate their oath of office, bring them to trial for treason, and when found guilty ,execute the pieces of shit or imprison for life.
When government bastards are held accountable for their actions, it will help set the example for the rest of the population. Life should start getting better right away.

There is a very simple term used by armed law abiding citizens when speaking of guns
When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.
And the outlaws will be in government hiding behind government immunity. This is insanity.
Demand the end to sanctioning murder by government.
I choose keep my arms, and further keep the evil government bastards at a safe distance
The Damned democrats and Damned republicans government bastards continue to increase its grip on the population, to enslave it citizens through the patriot act, legislation, taxes and debt.
It is both duty and obligation of citizens of a free nation to cleanse its dirty political laundry.
Now my fellow friends, what do you have to say?

Have a great weekend.

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lizardmom said...

3rd, commence coughing up lung, today's goal to conquer, tomorrow should be better. Oh the necessary evils of recovery...

kkdither said...

I'm here. I'm there, I'm everywhere. More job changes midyear. Oh, Goody.

Remember the cartoon character, Klondike Kat? "Savoir-faire is everywhere." Translation of that phrase is expertise or know-how.

I guess I'm not supposed to be comfortable, just need to spread the wealth? For all they say... they really don't care how this affects the kids you have helped, developed trust and bonded with.

SER said...

I'm suck'in up the 5th.........

Number Six said...

Guess who?

kkdither said...

Why... Six, you are looking dapper as ever! Nice to see you!