Saturday, June 22, 2013

Open Blog - Weekend

I'm waiting for a green flash.


SER said...

Wooohooo #1

lizardmom said...

wow, I was able to sleep in and still come in at #2? Good sign that our gang is finally getting some rest! I'm flying the coop around noon, but never fear... I'll be baaaaaaaack!

OKIE said...

Our tv went out last night. Being married to a man who can rig up anything, my living room looks like its wired for sound. Big tv in the back, little tv on a table in front of it. Hopefully ours can be fixed, as I really like it, but it is over 10 years old and they don't make them like that anymore. Sometimes I hate technology.

Have a great day everyone. Looks like storms up there. Just heat down here.

Why Not? said...

Have yet to go around and check out any possible damages.. TVs seem to have made it, we'll at least the ones in the bedroom and living room.. Mina crawled up in bed with me but Maia actually slept through it.. Have lots of stuff going on, we'll see how much we get to do because of the weather.. Big Grandpa continues to improve, they had him standing and he actually took a few steps yesterday. We are in a critical period for strokes right now, so we are all praying that he doesn't develop that.. As long as thing don't take a turn for the worst they will move him out of the ICU on Monday.. It's definitely been a roller coaster of a week..glad we could be here for it at the same time I'm pretty sure I will need a vacation from our vacation.. Anyone willing to send us on an all inclusive spa vacation? :). Anyways gotta get the day started.. Supposed to hit up the fairy festival this morning.

Toad said...

Why Not, Hang In there girl, we are all thinking of you and your's. Keep that chin up.

kkdither said...

Glad to hear that grandpa is doing better. Everything hits harder when you are older.

Heard a giant crack of thunder at the onset of the storms last night, just as I hit the sheets. Didn't smell smoke or hear sirens, so I was out cold through the rest of the storm.

Lots of running around today and cooking, shopping and wrapping presents for a party tomorrow.

Why Not? said...

Thanks all.. He is doing so well, the doctor is blown away cannot believe this is an 83 year old man.. Of course his age helped him as well according to the doctor if a 20 year old would have the same head trauma they would have ended up in a coma and passed pretty quickly.. As we age our brains shrink.. His shrunk enough to make room for the bleeding and swelling..

We are now planning a little birthday cook out for one of toff uncles (a son of big grandpas who is mentally challenged, there are actually 2 sons that are challenged) they have been quite upset during this last week all of their routines are mixed up.. So we wanted to make sure that we have a fun celebration for him and tomorrow we will take them to Greek fest..

TSE said...
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andromodo77 said...

I viewed your R&B grinding site.
I must admit they have a very impressive hall of shame.

My take from your site:

Some cats are dangerous, cougars especially.

Andromodo has spoken

BL Basketcase said...

Awww...TSE.... sounds like a really
bad story if you lost a job, as I read into it??? Many companies have evil HR personnel, or even ALL.

OrbsCorbs said...

Continued prayers for grandpa.

The storm was a good summer whopper.

It's been kinda cool for Why Not's visit. Now they're talking 90's next week.

legal stranger said...

Welcome back Orbie !

OrbsCorbs said...

Orbie? I didn't know that we were on such intimate terms, legie.

BL Basketcase said...
WOW. Just proves there is always somebody for everyone. : )

Glad to see you are back , Orbs.

TSE said...

My TRIBUTE to Thomas Karl Ciborowski, 53, one of my former neighborhood homies and fellow beer aficinado - if you know what I say.

Yep - Tommy after finding himself at 50+ and yet still a hard worker - losing his job through no fault of his own - became "Unemployable"

SO after a few years - he walked in front of a Union Pacific Train.

"The family would like to give a special thank you to the Mount Pleasant Police, Fire and Emergency departments for their support and compassion given to them during this tragic time.

"Our hearts and prayers go out to the crew members of Union Pacific Railways."

Can't say I blame him - I understand completely. His "unemployability" isn't his fault - and his "supposed" "support network" doesn't have a FUCKING CLUE!


All the Assholes that grieved at his funeral wouldn't open DOOR ONE to him and blamed him!

I hope I have as much intestinal fortitude when that day arrives for me - for it approaches only ever faster!