Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"O2 - Be more dog"

Be more dog: sniff the crotches of people you meet and slobber all over them.


Anonymous said...

Must be a requirement at Racine City Hall for getting lucrative and fat prevailing wage contracts.

Just ask Mrs. Monte Osterman-Jerger.

Complicit Jim and "Lying Eyes" Jane for letting 409 Main St. allow to continue without paying property tax.

Sniff the Butt - then lick it! Ask old Fat Dougie - who claims to hold all kinds of political fundraisers for others than DISHONEST JOHN - but isn't called to account for who those unnamed others are.

Meanwhile Complicit Jim (Ladwig) will hide the fact that revenues are less than expenses at the CHEEP RACINE Boaters Marina!

Smooth Up In 'YA!

Osterman_Jerger is gonna' give it up your ASS - courtesy of Dishonest John and Complicit Jim !

GEEZ - did GLEASON get the concrete contract?

Unknown said...

The JT keeps closing comments and hiding stories. They are simply censoring and shilling for Lying' John.

I've pulled my subscription - and now encourage others to do the same. I will also BOYCOTT any and all who advertise with them.

It's time to end the perfidy of The Journal Times which is "The Voice of Lying' John Dickert"

OrbsCorbs said...

They've manipulated stories and comments for years. The JT Irregulars was founded in response to the Journal Times' online censorship.

It's too bad when a "newspaper" stops reporting the news, and starts publishing lying John's propaganda.

They have the gall to say they see no problem with Racine's Ethics Board. If conservatives did the same thing, the Journal Times would scream bloody murder.

They are an embarrassment to Racine.

Anonymous said...

Let’s just assume = for conversations sake – that the lessons from the past were well-learned by Racine County’s current leaders:

Look at the JOKE of an Ethics Board appointed by Dishonest John and the lack of action by Republican Appointee Rich Chiapette:

State of Wisconsin vs. Bonnie L Ladwig
Dane County Case Number 2002CM004306

The defendant Bonnie L Ladwig was found guilty of the following charge(s) in this case.

Code/Ethics Violations by PublicOfficial, an unclassified misdemeanor, Wisconsin Statutes 19

The Republicrats will make sure that will NEVER happen again!

How about Municipal Judge Mark Nielsen:

RACINE, Wis. – A municipal judge arrested on suspicion of drunken driving said he knows better and plans to plead guilty to the crime.

Racine Municipal Judge Mark F. Nielsen was arrested late Friday after allegedly driving erratically, according to police reports.

“I am completely responsible for this. I am an adult and I know better,” the 52-year-old said in a prepared statement. “The people of the city have the right to expect much better behavior from me.”

A state trooper took him to a hospital to draw blood because a Breathalyzer test couldn’t determine his blood alcohol content, Nielsen said.

The test hasn’t been completed, but Nielsen said he doesn’t expect to be under the 0.08 legal limit.


How did that occur?

Gleason Concrete – Mark Gleason Concrete on all kinds of taxpayer funded jobs that he voted on!

Mr. Monte Osterman-Jerger – over 4 years of not paying property taxes on 409 Main St.

Racine County is run by criminals – who are covering up their misdeeds and leading Racine To Ruin!