Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Ohio Bank Forecloses On Wrong Home, Sells Owner Katie Barnett's Belongings"

Can you imagine that?  I don't know if she deserves $18,000, but the bank should do something to rectify the situation.


kkdither said...

I think she deserves more than that. Her personal space was invaded, through no fault of her own. The bank, or the foreclosure people must have some insurance that would cover this? You don't do something of this level to someone and get to say, "Oops."

OrbsCorbs said...

The bank reacted exactly the way that money pigs do. They destroyed someone's life, but they accept no responsibility for their actions.

It's the same from ghetto to gated community: money pigs like lying John will screw you over and then deny responsibility. That is what our children learn today and that is why our society crumbles.

legal stranger said...

After discussing this story with BLB,
Other than court, Blb has the best get even scenario.

Blb suggested to get a large frozen oily fish (carp) and rent a safety deposit box.

Place the frozen fish in the safety deposit box for safe keeping.........

Remember, it's the thought that counts!

BL Basketcase said...

YES...BUT I WOULD INSIST ON THE TOP ROW OF SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES....just as I have one and will use it if I ever lose my home to a foreclosure.
I thought of that when I saw the box way up there. hehehehe....and at that point I wont give a rats ass.

OrbsCorbs said...

Why the top row? I'd think that putting the fish in the bottom row would allow more fumes to waft up.

It's a good idea.

Suing the bank/repo company would take forever. If she filed now, she might see a payoff in a few years, or she might not.

So, fish in the safe deposit box it is.

BL Basketcase said...

I was hoping it would seep thru...all those spoiled juices and how fragrant
on all those other boxes.