Sunday, July 28, 2013

"Researchers study brains of violent psychopaths, find empathy"

"But peer-reviewed academic studies also have linked psychopathic tendencies with the charming, manipulative, grandiose, risky and seemingly guiltless behavior of many leaders, such as politicians, chief executive officers and other telegenic public figures."

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"...charming, manipulative, grandiose, risky and seemingly guiltless behavior..."  Is there anyone in City Hall like that?


kkdither said...

Aren't those qualifications a requirement in politics?

TSE said...

Bet that there is another Democrat Mayor that needs help!

U Guess where!


"San Diego mayor ‘told employee to come to work without underwear, put her in a headlock on multiple occasions and asked when they could have sex’

Allred said Filner had repeatedly asked Jackson when they could have sex and asked her on several occasions to ‘come to work without panties.’

Jackson, who now works in a different position at San Diego’s City Hall, is the first alleged victim of Filner to make her accusations against Filner publicly.

Jackson and Allred called on the 70-year-old mayor to resign.

‘A man who lacks character makes a mockery of his ideas,’ Jackson said at a news conference Monday evening.

Allred said Filner needs to stop ‘treating women as pieces of meat,’ adding that his video apology was inadequate and that his statement that ‘I need help’ is not enough.

‘Do you need help to know that making vile and disgusting sexual comments is wrong,’ Allred said.

Allred also announced that the council is undertaking investigations into Filner’s use of a credit card during a trip to Paris, his dealings with a land developer, and his absence during a key vote about the city‘s pension plan."

Does Dishonest John have ties to former Realtor and now Democrat San Diego Mayor Bob Filner?

Do the boys play while you pay when they are away in old Gay Paris?

Mayor Bob Filner taking time off for 'intensive therapy'

Many still calling for Filner to resign

SAN DIEGO - In a news conference Friday, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner said he plans to take two weeks off for therapy.

"On August 5, I will be entering a behavior counseling clinic to undergo two weeks of intensive therapy," Filner announced.He said he will be at the clinic full-time and will be briefed every morning and evening on city business.

Filner said this was "just the first step to ongoing counseling … I must become a better person …"

He added that he hopes he will be forgiven one day.

Filner will return on August 19, and he said his focus will be on being "the best mayor I can be, and the best person I must be."

When will Racine's Common Council do their duty to the residents of Racine and give Dishonest John and Questionably competent Tom the boot - and get the $100,000 back?

A MODEL for the do-nothing a$$ kissing, sociopath enabling Racine Common Council.

Chicago Next? Windy City Cash Balance Plummets To Only $33 Million As Debt Triples

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dishonest John and Questionably Competent Tom for raising property taxes and borrowing (to finance friends, families and cronies at taxpayer expense) to the levels where small business isnb’t profitable.

Be sure to add in Bryan Albrecht with his unelected taxing authority board and David “Dunce” Hazen for continuing to tax and spend tens of millions without referendums due to loopholes in the law. Their failure to educate Racine’s future generations and grow the tax base is silently ignored.

Where is Complicit Jim (Ladwig) and “Both Eyes Blind” Rich Chiapete? All in the backrooms making plans together, Good bye Dino’s – Goodbye Racine! Goodbye JT!

Only the Thieves in Racine remain in charge!

Get out while you can!

Unknown said...

So how many more Whores and Cuckolds exist in Racine’s “Upper Classes?” Not to mention the chronic problem of CHILD MOLESTERS?

Does Teresa crave a Big Black Mandingo?

Meet the ManDingosThey’re gentlemen in the street, thugs in the bedroom, and your wife’s steamiest fantasy. John didn’t always like black guys. He was prejudiced—he admits it. As one of the few white kids at his school in the middle of Racine. WI., he fought a lot with black kids and was occasionally beaten up. When he later ran a Realty office, he was robbed: A black guy held a gun to his head and pulled the trigger—but the gun didn’t go off.

t’s a measure of how far he’s come that John (not his real name), now 50, is telling me this while we’re watching a black guy have sex with his wife, Teresa (not her real name), 47, at an interracial orgy. In John’s house. On his bed. The man screwing John’ss wife is Branford (not his real name), a 30-year-old massage therapist who’s not holding back—this isn’t lovemaking, this is a proper pounding. Forget Teresa—that’s just how John likes it.

OrbsCorbs said...

From the article cited in the blog: "A 2010 study of 204 corporate professionals found that about 4% met the clinical threshold for psychopathy based on their scores on a psychopathy checklist developed by Dr. Robert Hare at the University of British Columbia."

Only 4%? I would think more like 94%. And you gotta wonder, how many of the psychiatrists and therapists involved in these studies are psychopaths? I've met shrinks nuttier than fruitcakes.