Thursday, August 1, 2013

Open Blog - Thursday

Eek, a Vulcan!


lizardmom said...

Spock's long lost daughter?
talk about bedroom games!

BL Basketcase said...

What a coincidence that we have be watching this from the beginning! I love Spock!
Now departing at the terminal.

OKIE said...

Happy 1st day of August everyone. What a summer it has been. One "official" day of 100 for July although ours showed more than one, and almost 10 inches of rain.
And from what I can tell, you guys have been a little chilly.

Have a great day everyone.

OrbsCorbs said...

Live long and P&P.

jedwis said...

5th...I need it, anyone care to join?

Funny thing about chilli, I love chilli, make it all the time. Make all different types and don't have any recipe or standard procedure.

Speaking of chilli - Mary started it...Why is it called chilli? It definitely not chilly, in fact the way I make it it is usually very hot & spicy. I add lots of hot sauces and hot peppers & always include jalapenos. Using different meats is also an option, try making it with ground turkey, very yummy.

It also can go well with any type of chilled chardonnay or merlot, preferably Kendal -Jackson. Sometimes homemade Baileys hits the spot when the super spicy chilli kicks in. Or in a pich a tall Guiness will do. Or why not all of the above.

Now that we all are thirsty & hungry, let go P & P

I'm heading over to the coffee machine.

kkdither said...

I love to make chili in the fall when it is chilly out. Mine is spicy, but I usually tone it down by adding macaroni, then melt some cheddar cheese on top. Yum. Cabernet or Shirez works well with beef dishes.

Cygnus X-1 said...

Actually that is an elf maiden.

Mmmm Chili. Time to make a pot!

OKIE said...

The only thing I drink with chili is milk. I am so boring. Sigh

OrbsCorbs said...

Has anyone tried Taos Chili downtown on 6th and Wisconsin, next to Kewpees?

Some of the best chili I've had was made by a member of the Racine Alano Club. Once a year he would make a big batch of chili and bring it to the club to be sold by the bowlful. His chili had some bite, but nothing serious.