Sunday, September 15, 2013

"A Look at the Budget"

From Racine Community Media:

"The time is approaching for Mayor John Dickert & The City of Racine to present the 2014 City Budget to the residents and taxpayers of the City Of Racine. Please pay close attention, as in years past this administration has attempted to trick the entire community and mislead the public into believing false numbers and misleading fiscal amounts. Remember this story below, just two short years ago."

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Anonymous said...

This article explains it all.

See what has happened to Racine since these clowns took over?

These guys don't even understand basic math, and can't even come up with lies that actually make sense. They don't even care!

The city went from one scandal to another. Unfortunately for the city, this one is much worse than the last.

Anonymous said...

I've been warning people for some time now that debt is being used to subsidize the daily operations of the City. Just look at what the Audited Financial Report for 2011 says - a $17 Million shortfall in funding for future promised employee benefits and $1 Million short in Healthcare. The 2012 audit isn't out yet-

What is the debt of the City of Racine now - near $117 Million! Debt service went from a 23% of the budget to 27% of the budget in just one year! That amount will be even greater for 2014!

Main Marine and Ski is now out of business and closed - no one would buy it! NOW - if it was profitable - it would have sold. When will the property sell - for how much, and when?

Are business owners desperate to get out of Racine? It appears so!

Everyone is heading for the exits!

From First Weber - search: Business/Commercial - 103 Listings!

Racine Business/Commercial Listings