Saturday, September 14, 2013

Open Blog - Weekend

Enjoy yourselves.


lizardmom said...

starting to feel human. I am in no hurry for snow but a good freeze would really help get some of these allergens under control...
bouncing out for a couple days, but do promise to return :)

SER said...

LM what if you stand inside the refrigerator? I glad I don't have any of that stuff

I have a cousin who is allergic to green grass!

OrbsCorbs said...

Lizardmom, glad you're feeling better. We'll miss you.

SER, how can your cousin avoid grass? Does he/she have to touch it to have an allergic reaction? I love the smell of freshly mowed grass.

I should be getting my beauty sleep because I'm meeting someone later this morning, but the high anxiety remains.

OKIE said...

Here we go again with everyone up so late. We got the last of the two rooms carpeted yesterday so I spent lunch and from 4:00 until 9:30 putting everything back.
Tired but the 3 rooms with new carpet are the cleanest they've been in a while.

LM I hope you feel better; I can't imagine how you feel.

Have a great weekend everyone.

kkdither said...

My sleep is whack. Got home from a full week of work with little sleep and was wiped out. I had to nap. I never nap. I guess old age is officially here... (gg) Didn't hit the sheets until 4 am.

Why Not? said...

Hello!! it's been awhile since I've checked in.. Since getting back from our trip to Racine I have been working A LOT!! My days and evenings have been pretty mixed as my schedule is not the same from one day to the next.. Just thought I would stop by and say hi..

I'm still looking for a vacation, I was stressed out before getting to Racine, stressed out while there because of my husbands grandfathers accident and passing and have been working tons since getting back.. ah well, such is life I guess..

Anyways I have stopped by shortly and read a bit but havent spent a whole lot of time in front of the computer feels like I'm a bit out of the loop.. I hope all is well..

OrbsCorbs said...

Good to hear from you, Why Not.

I had breakfast with legal stranger. He bought. That's my favorite kind.

Beejay said...

Hard to believe we are into the middle of September. Still hot here. Rainy, hot September. We remain in the.low nineties for a high, but our low is now creeping down towards 71 or 72.

Stay safe my friends and don't believe everything you read on the Internet. It is crazy lately. Snopes is my friend!

Toad said...

Why Not, I didn't say who you would be, If you were In a movie, or whatever the question was. I think you could be Diane Keaton as In Baby Boom. You just seem to be that kind of mom.

Anonymous said...

Has JT Reporter Alison Bauter had her Monica Lewinsky moment with Lying' John?

How will Cara Spoto react?

Who's got the Blue Dress?

OrbsCorbs said...

Why Not - Jennifer Lopez.

OKIE said...

There have been a lot of news stories here about the massive cricket invasion and last night I got to see it. We were at the track and took a tour of the floor we used to work in to see the changes and the biggest one was the number of crickets everywhere - on the 4th floor.
You couldn't go outside to watch a race because they were crawling and flying into you in seconds. It was gross. But better than spiders.

Why Not? said...

Haha.. Jennifer Lopez!! Diane Keaton would be great love her!!

BL Basketcase said...

GOD, I thought I got everyone!!!! I'm so sorry WHY NOT!!!!

She deserves the top of the ladder
for that.... Ingrid Bergman!
Jag är ledsen!!!!

Have a good day to all the rest of the bunch and hope to see you all at the benefit.

Anonymous said...


Lying John says he doesn’t see the confusion between 1% VS. 2.72% because, well, in Lying John’s world – numbers don’t matter, and besides, numbers are confusing because there are so many, and they are all different!


Anonymous said...

Some of my favorite images!

Mayor John Dickert

Anonymous said...


A great tune by John Parr -

A Look at the Budget!