Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Poll: "Milwaukee Public Schools makes shift away from letter grades for K-8"

From JSOnline:

By Coral Garnick and Erin Richards of the Journal Sentinel

I agree with the Kenosha parent who said administrators want to blur the lines between passing and failing, but I know little to nothing about education today.  In "the good old days," kids who received an F worked harder and/or were tutored.  If they really couldn't hack it, they were held back a grade.  It just seems odd to me that people who were raised in that system can't figure out how to educate children today.  


kkdither said...

Education today is fraught by societal problems. Renaming grades given for performance will not cure any problems. Unfortunately, there isn't much performing going on, and unlike when we were students, the patents have little control over their children.

To put it nicely, a rose is a rose. Right now, since the system and imposed regulations are failing, the general train of thought is to just do something different, anything different, that we can believe in. I don't see that being the answer.

People need to understand there are state and federal regulations in place that force schools to keep unruly, unwilling and sometimes dangerous students in the schools. There are "allowances" for nonattendance without repercussion. We spend 90% of our resources, energy and time on less than 10% of the population.

SER said...

Just another way to push un-educated kids through the system