Monday, September 16, 2013

"Spooky clown mystery grips Northampton"

From the Northampton Herald & Post:

"A spooky clown has been scaring Northampton residents in full costume and make up.

"He is red haired and white faced and has appeared in several locations in the Abington and Kingsley areas.

"A Facebook page has now been set up for the clown called Spot Northampton's Clown which has already achieved over 3,000 likes since it went live yesterday.

"The clown has proved a sensation on social media and has its own Twitter hashtag #northamptonclown.

"According to reports it has knocked on someone's door and offered to paint their sills despite having no painting equipment.

"Let us know if you see it too. Here are some Tweets about the clown so far:
Had to look out my window to check for a clown. No clown. Phew. #clownwatch #northamptonclown
— Matthew Whitehouse (@matt_whitehouse) September 13, 2013"

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Clowns scare me.  The clown in this story is a dedicated bozo to put on a costume and all that makeup just to spook people.  If he did that in the USA, he might be shot.

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OrbsCorbs said...

My hell will be filled with clowns.