Monday, October 28, 2013

JTI Get Together!

I am taking over this time for Lizardmom because she is not feeling good right now. We are trying to get a count of how many people will be able to get together on November 9th.. Mary will be up from Oklahoma and we would really like to get as many of us together to see her. If I do not have your email her is mine so I can make sure I keep you updated on the get together.

This was Drew's idea so you can yell at him. We hope you get better soon so we can see you at the get together!


OKIE said...

Feel better LM. THB - where did you get that picture? It's hilarious.

OrbsCorbs said...

Get well, lizardmom.

I'm in.

lizardmom said...

whoa, who took my pic last night???
I'm in, and getting better, thanks THB for taking this one on for me, bestest partner in crime :)

Tender Heart Bear said...

The partners in crime have to stick together. By the way look out for Drew taking pictures. That is all I have to say. LOL

lizardmom said...

so I have a peeping Drew? at least I wasn't drooling, I feel so exposed!