Monday, October 28, 2013

Open Blog - Monday

Up and at 'em, pussycat.


lizardmom said...

good morning all...

SER said...

this is toooooo early to be up....gezzzz

OKIE said...

It's Monday AGAIN. Ugh.

kkdither said...

It was a dark, October morning. The wind was blowing from the northeast, across the lake. The temperature was elevated for the season, but it still felt crisp, a reminder of what is to come.
The woman held her jacket close as a dog barked in the distance.....

Beejay said...

Morning came about 3:45 for me. Couldn't sleep. I need a nap.

Anonymous said...

Morning. Number 6. Chilly day here

legal stranger said...

......... ruff ruuf ruf......
As Halloween approached, the cats scattered, the crows caud and the witches of JTI prepared their cauldrons for the annual ritual of

OrbsCorbs said...

Yikes! Irregularfest! Oh my!

kkdither said...

My cauldron is scrubbed and ready to go.

BL Basketcase said...

Somedays poetry is encouraged on this site, depending which way the howling chill blows. Wooooooooo
phewwwwwwwwwwwwwww, brrrrrrrrrrr...

Hither and yon and to and fro
Stir the broth oh so very slow
Racilla is the head witch here
Do it wrong and get her snear
Wind blows dubious trouble brews
Boiling to pieces is the JTI Crew.

BL Basketcase said...

Can make everyone happy, or anyone.....BUT A PIECE OF CAKE TO PISS 'EM ALL OFF.

Anonymous said...

We mask our faces
and wear strange hats,

and moan like witches
and screech like cats,

We stir the cauldrons
and make home made brew

we fly on brooms
and spit out chew

and jump like goblins
and thump like elves,

and almost manage
to scare ourselves!

So, don't go out on Devil's Night.
Stay in bed and keep on the light.

demons and irregulars have fun all right,
on racine streets without the street lights.

You don't want to know
what mischief they cause.
politicians and irregulars run without pause,

flying and laughing, and breaking the laws,
you really don't want to see the mischief the mayor caused.

Please heed my words, stay under the covers,
and tell all your friends and your sisters and brothers.

Stay in bed, don't even peek through the shutters,
'cause a mayor or irregular may spook you to stutters.

Just wait until daybreak after Halloween night,
when you know the mayor is drunk with delight.

mayor hates the daylight, no fun when exposed.
drive a stake in the heart and end the............

Anonymous said...


.... a Racine witch.....a poem........

Stay away from the parks
and Indian mounds

honor the dead, as they are hollowed grounds

read racine uncovered and racine exposed
know real news, the journal times blows

Irregular fest is coming, the Illuminati too
the cauldrons are boiling a political brew

Racilla will stir the cauldrons, and fight a good fight
the mayor will cheat,duck, and lie with delight

Racilla will watch, and study her globe
as the mayor attempts to abuse her commode

As the mayor sits, exposing his ass
Racilla loathes the snake in the glass

a dump in a dump, the mayor has created
tax hell, no service, a legacy berated

sitting and conspiring against the sheeple
Racilla keeps watch for the tax paying people


legal stranger said...