Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dashcam Mayhem

This video was submitted by legal stranger. He has added a dashcam to his car. If you're going to have an accident, please try to have it in front of legal stranger.


legal stranger said...

NO NO NO get your own dashcam and record the fun.

Just thinkabout it, we could have irregular dashcam videos every Thursday night.

I bought a dashcam after the Soviets had so many angles of view of the asteroid that hit this year.

Most were from dashcams, a large population of Soviets have installed the dashcams in their car.

I installed one for under $100 dollars, mounts like a Garmin GPS.

Go make your own movies, if the driving scenes are boring, then video your escapades while in your car :)

OrbsCorbs said...

There's plenty of material in Racine traffic. Just turn the cam on and wait for the idiots to arrive.

SER said...

Lathrop Ave, West Blvd., Durand Ave always seen to have something going on.

kkdither said...

What is the saying, if you look at your video cam and there are no idiots... it might be you? ;>

Anonymous said...

Here is another train wreck... no wait, a plane wreck... or maybe it's just a plain wreck.

Captain Sum Ting Wong

LOL - Ok enough of the insensitive humor.

HERE is a Plane Crash caught on dashcam. It is stunning to see the huge plane literally stall - twist, fall, and explode.

Plane Crash caught on Dash Camera in Bagram Air Field north of Kabul in Afghanistan. If I recall correctly, it is theorized that the load inside wasn't strapped down properly and suddenly shifted.