Monday, December 23, 2013

Local Loyalty - Funky Hannah's

Welcome back to another edition of Local Loyalty!
Today's feature, is one of my guilty pleasures, 
Funky Hannah's Bead and Art, 
324 Main St, Racine.
Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat. 10-5, Sun. noon-4
Check out their website!

Gift Giving Bonanza! | Funky Hannahs, November 9, 2013 
Funky Hannah's has been in business for 16 years, Black Friday. 
I enjoy making my own jewelery, and for the most part, it's much cheaper and you make it just the way YOU want it.  The selections is great, and everyone who works there knows how to work with everything and can help with any project you may find yourself in to. It is our only bead shop in town. Sure, a few other stores have beads but none that are solely focused on them and helping people do different projects with them. 
They have classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights.
The 3 words Amanda chose to describe her store - 
and Healing. 
Healing may sound crazy to some of you, but sitting down with a project, takes you out of whatever crappy day you may have had and is incredibly therapeutic.
OH - and the story about the Hannah of Funky Hannah's, it's Amanda's mom, who is one of those cleaver, crafty, talented sorts. I don't possess the creative gene, but do enjoy making simple things to match whatever I need. 
They have some jewelery already made and great for gifts. 
Gift certificates are available as well. 
Guys shop there too! 
During our visit, an older gentleman came in to pick up a few things for a project he and his wife were working on. How sweet!
Of course, he also picked up a gift certificate :)
Stop in and check them out!!


Unknown said...

I enjoy making my own jewelery, and for the most part, it's much cheaper

"it's less expensive"

Unknown said...

Lesson Two:

I enjoy making my own jewelery, and for the most part, it's much cheaper

"it's inexpensive"

Are you CHEAP, or are you THRIFTY?

Do you like CHEAP people, or do you avoid them?

End of lesson.

Anonymous said...

Hey troll,
Could you just fuck right on off?

OKIE said...

I'm sorry we didn't get to stop in while we were there. Maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

“Never use the word “cheap”. Today everybody can look chic in inexpensive clothes (the rich buy them too). There is good clothing design on every level today. You can be the chicest thing in the world in a T-shirt and jeans — it’s up to you.”

-Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld (born Karl Otto Lagerfeldt) is widely recognized as one of the most influential fashion designers of the late 20th century. He has collaborated with a variety of different fashion labels, most notably Chanel but also Chloé and Fendi. Furthermore, he has his own labels, which he launched in the early 1980s, including perfume and clothing. He has also played a role in equipping leading artists.

Someone provides another with an important writing style tip and along comes somebody else with anger issues who makes a snap judgement and delves into name-calling and profanity.

How sad. Was anything learned in 30+ posts about another "Anonymous"?

lizardmom said...

everyone's a critic... or an anonymous... I like my friends who have identities!

OKIE said...

You know, when it says Beads & Art it is pretty much a given it's not Tiffany's.

kkdither said...

CHEAP shot. I believe I used the vernacular correctly? ;>

Anonymous said...

You know, when it says Beads & Art it is pretty much a given it's not Tiffany's.


Did you Google Funky Hannahs?

"Amazing classes and zillions of beads in our charming store and online! Open 7 days a week. Our beads are worth the drive!"

Even better than Tiffany's!

"We pride ourselves on our top notch classes & instructors!"

Why would you sell Funky Hannahs short?

legal stranger said...

Perhaps I will stop there to get $24 worth of beads and see what island I can buy. Thanks for the post Lizardmom.

OrbsCorbs said...

Go local, go Racine!

I've not been to their shop because I don't seem to need beads. If I did, they'd be the first place I'd patronize.

BL Basketcase said...

Excuse me anon! Bless you and try to cover your mouth when you spit nasty germs you harbour.

There are more assholes out there
in Blogland than I ever imagined.
Karma Karma karma.......

Who really wants to wear such costly jewelry anyways? The way the world is, is that there are so many thieves, and greedy people
out there, I put my few pieces
in a safety deposit.

I would love to learn to bead like
the picture shows. It is really pretty and energy directed in a positive way. I would enjoy wearing it EVEN BETTER!
BTW this is a much better way to spend your time, instead of insulting people on the internet
and hiding your identity.

To all the nasties out there... I am sending you a big virtual
flaming bag of shit( in which I will put on your doorstep and run)

Hehe... kinda like what you do!


OKIE said...

You go girl!

OrbsCorbs said...

Has anyone ever actually done that? The flaming bag o' poop, I mean. It sounds great, but I've never known it to be done.

BL Basketcase said... dear Orbs will be a scheduled event at the next JTI Bash!!!! I will save bags and accelerants. The rest will be supplied by legal, who offered
and said OK.

Why Not? said...

I met someone here in Sweden that got confused... He thought that instead of leaving a flaming bag of poo (yes I said poo) on someone's step you were supposed go take a poo on someone's step..

Why Not? said...

cheap [cheep] Show IPA
adjective, cheap·er, cheap·est.
costing very little; relatively low in price; inexpensive: a cheap dress.

So what's the difference? Is it bad because it's cheap? I've purchased a lot of things that have been very good quality for cheap.. Thanks for your "lessons" but I find them unnecessary.

legal stranger said...

Cheap inexpensive thrifty

Whatever term you use,unless you are a millionaire or better, in today's economy it is all necessary to keep yourself above water.

Only fools these days will waste their money.