Saturday, December 28, 2013

"Super Bowl Shuffle:'85 Bears"

This was requested by Anonymous. Please don't blame me.

This does bring back memories, though. I lived in Chicago during that period. At a Chicago bar during a Bears - Packers game, my mother-in-law (from Wisconsin) yelled out encouragement for the Packers. The entire bar turned and looked at us with hate stares.


Anonymous said...

As Curly would say:
Thanks Orbi, you're a pal
Not to wish the Packers any bad karma, this game will be the battle of the girly quarterbacks.
May the best girls win.
Schnicker schnicker

Anonymous said...

Looking at Rants and Raves on Craigslist - Packer Fans clearly dominate.

Here's one for the Ladies.

Bear Down Chicago Bears

Anonymous said...

Of course, Packer Fans do themselves no favors when they wear the Cheese Hat!

Packers Fans - Inbreeding Idiots

Bears Fans have included more Humorous Images!

Packer fans think Rodgers can save them (Ex-Titletown)

BL Basketcase said...

Well... if the Packers made it this far WINNING UGLY...without Rodgers, they have a decent chance.

I grew up in Chicago area and always had a warm spot in my heart for the Bears back then
when they won the Super Bowl in 1986. Gotta love that Super Bowl Shuffle.

I do like the Packers lots. Things change, ya know.
I love 'em all for their bodies and their minds uh ha uh ha!
Cause playin' the field is like makin' romance.

This is a Lombardi vs. Hallas
day... uh ha uh ha Go Pack.

Tender Heart Bear said...

I grew up in Chicago and I will always be a Bears fan. This is a split household and we have fun when the Bears and Packers play. Today is going to be another one of those days. My son has the cd of the Superbowl Shuffle and he plays it for the grandkids and they dance to it.

So for today I say GO BEARS!

OKIE said...

Go Pack Go

Anonymous said...

This site is dedicated to the most apathetic looking athlete in the history of sports.

Smokin’ Jay Cutler

Don't miss this one either! Fourth and Sixth Image. Hubba Hubba.

Raps Up The Bears

OKIE said...

What a game. Well THB we are even. I'll be looking forward to my winnings. :)

Anonymous said...

The timeless classic:

The Bears Still Suck

Now on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Out of the two girly QB's
One with bruised uterus
Other with yeast infection
Rogers was better medicated.
The Bears still SUCK!

Anonymous said...

What a classic this scuffle is.
Most people have already forgotten who Chicago played in the '85 super bowl.
This video is the most memorable event of the '85 super bowl champions.

But today the Bears still SUCK !!!

SER said...

Crazy game but a "W" is a "W".

Tender Heart Bear said...

I have to say that was one good game yesterday. Mary when you come up here next time I will pay off your win.