Sunday, December 22, 2013

When "blogger" is a bad word :(

Bumping this post due to recent activity. 
This blog has drawn quite a bit of outside comments that are not friendly in nature. Lizardmom has been mediating her blog and responding on her own. Since most of us look only to the most recent posts, many of you may have been unaware of the activity taking place. 

Regardless of our own views on this subject, agree or disagree, we need to support the right of all our blog authors to post without fear of bullying in return. When we post we understand we hold a responsibility to be fair and honest, and acknowledge that our individual views may differ from others. In return, we expect not to be personally attacked. 

I am sharing this post again because we need to put it to rest. As my most recent comment after stumbling upon this continued conversation said, "If something ugly needs to be talked about, we do, but we aren't here to flame."    -kkdither

Yesterday, I visited and interviewed a handful of down-town businesses. As always, they were so very gracious and kind to take time out to speak with me about their business. I always get the warm fuzzies after being in the small, locally owned and run businesses.
I only had 2 confirmed interviews set up but stopped in and was able to get a couple more. My last impromptu visit, was with a wonderful, very kind lady. She was very welcoming and warm. When I told her that I was part of a local blogging site, I could tell she tensed up. I was perplexed by that, but as she spent time with me, she began to open up about something.
Her business, and even her, personally, has been hatefully, and very hurtfully attacked by some bloggers. I was shocked and deeply saddened. No wonder when I said the word "blogger", it made her uneasy. There is a chance that one of our own family may have hurt her :(
I'm not going to go into details, but the things that she has been attacked for were all based on misinformation and for personal relationships she has with particular people. I know I don't want to be judged by the people I know for other people I know and am friends with, especially if I haven't been spoken to and asked about things before being berated.
We left our original 'home' because of the mean, ugliness that was prevalent. To think that possibly one or more of our own has hurt her, I felt crushed.
This is the only blog I am part of, I don't follow any local blogs, I don't dabble in politics, as it's an instant, ugly thing most of the time.
These small businesses need our support. We have watched so many businesses, huge, big, small, we've seen them all shapes and sizes go out of business. If we don't take the time to support these local shops, shame on us.
If you think you know something about a business but haven't given them the chance to confirm or deny what you're accusing them of, please consider stopping in and talking with them for the real story.  Remember, we're the good guys :) Behind every small business are real, live human beings. Give them a chance.


SER said...


I read your blog and I can understand the lady getting tight-lipped or tense.

To me blogging is the same as “word of mouth” and everyone knows word of mouth can make or break a business specially a small business.

Business owners HAVE to remember the customer is always right, even if they’re not, you have to bite your lip and move on to keep that one individual happy.

As a case in point, there is a local restaurant, who decided to make a Facebook Page, or whatever you call them; their business actually went up over 15% in a very short time.

lizardmom said...

true, but it wasn't being attacked by a customer, but rather bloggers that attacked for misinformation and personal friendships that have nothing to do with the business. If a business does bad business and is called out, that's different. This was personal, by people that have never met or stepped foot in their door :(

lizardmom said...

all I ask is that you make sure your information is accurate,and if putting someone down, that they've been given the chance to defend themselves against any allegations, that's only fair. If you've never met a person, or talked to them about what you're attacking, then it's wrong.
Too many time people take to vicious attacks hiding behind their computers. We forget there are human beings out there. Just like the old saying, treat others how you'd want to be treated. Give people a chance, don't clump everybody into one big condemned bunch.

Anonymous said...

It seems pretty easy to guess who this person might be. What a hypocrite.

She is a lying and corrupt piece of trash.

She used her relationships to gain undeserved roles on committees, and then abused that power to LIE, CHEAT and MANIPULATE public contracts, rigging a deal for hundreds of thousands of dollars, while slandering and ruining the lives of others in the process.

She worked directly with her friend the Mayor to violate city ordinances, meeting laws, and the rights of others. Time and time again she abused her power for her own personal benefit, including gaining special favors not given to others such as advertising for her own business.

You know who you are, you lying and corrupt piece of trash.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, there is no love of the truth here.

legal stranger said...

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

In this story, I have no idea who the victim or the perpetrator is.

There are ways to overcome, with a lot of time, money and effort you can illuminate the truth.

Aim high Irregulars!

BL Basketcase said...

Who writes needs to illuminate the entire truth. Can't form any opinions if all the facts are missing.

lizardmom said...

there is love of truth, not love of hate or attacking before even speaking to the people under attack.
My Local Loyalty feature is here to introduce our readers to locally owned and operated businesses. I spend time with them, hope I am able to portray them accurately and hopefully encourage folks to come support these local treasures.
One thing that will not be tolerated, will be attacks on any of the LL posts. These folks have given time to me to get to know them, and I am very grateful for that. Hopefully it won't come to it but any attacks on these threads will be deleted, out of respect for those I spoke with. This is not a hostile place, nor the reason for the feature. Thank you for reading.

BL Basketcase said...

I think you are doing a great job, LM....
and I am referring to the person who
who is blogging under anonymous.

OrbsCorbs said...

I wrote a three page comment for this blog, but my friendships with the Irregulars are more important than any of this. I got it out of my system.

kkdither said...

I know neither side of the story so I am definitely like Switzerland. There is usually 2 sides to every argument and usually part of both sides are correct. That being said, ugliness has no place on this blog site.

Let's all be careful of accusations that have no proven origination; let's also be very careful to allow views we don't necessarily agree with. We can not be heavy handed, and have to be careful to limit deletions and censorship. That was what drove us to this site in the first place.

When posting one side of a story, we need to expect to hear from the other side.... as long as it isn't vulgar.

SER said...

I'm confused; I was under the impression the blog articles where going to be about local businesses and supporting them which is great.

I don't think their personal lives should have anything to do with the articles.

Assumptions and speculation drives misinformation and that is easy for people to jump right on.

When I first read the blog, no names where/are mentioned, but it reminded me of the woman who owns a business on 6th and some other properties and hasn't or is way behind in paying her taxes and the business is/was located in a section of 6th which brings out the riff raft late at night and this woman complained about even thought her business closes/closed at 6pm. So the cops put a surveillance vehicle on 6th then she complained she didn't want it there because it might scare her customers off!

there was an article in the local newspaper about it.

lizardmom said...

SER, that's exactly what they are going to be, and what I wanted them to be all along.
Given the comments above, tho, I felt the need to make my stand in support of those featured, very clear.
as stated above this box -

"but do not allow malicious comments or personal attacks. Blog authors manage their own blogs and retain the right to remove comments they deem inappropriate.",

I can already feel it ahead of time, a certain person with multiple personas, may try to bash. I am usually very calm, patient, tolerant, but when my family or friends, and I consider each of those I interview to be new found friends, come under attack, something comes out that is usually kept at bay. Maybe it's that the older I get, the less I hold back? not sure.

BL Basketcase said...

Rethinking on is NOT one of our own family on JTI, I'm sure. Who would do that and for what? Can't think of a reason to be creul like that!

Anonymous said...

I agree about making wrong assumptions on people without any substantial fact. IN THIS CASE HOWEVER IT IS FACT, that this woman is a corrupt, lying, piece of crap and I can prove it. Her and her husband are lying thieves that have lied and ruined many peoples lives in order to enrich themselves. These two and their cheap rip-off buisnesses, are THE PROBLEM WITH RACINE. They both belong in prison.

lizardmom said...

anonymous, for being so very sure of yourself, you choose to hide behind anonymity, without coming out with anything specific. Have you even gone directly to the one you believe I'm referring to? How do you even know you're right before you start spewing such anger and malice? If you haven't spoken directly to 'her', why do you carry on without doing so? Be sure you KNOW what you think you know before hanging someone/anyone out to dry. If you're not going to give the person a chance to address your accusations, save the hostility please.

Anonymous said...

Sure, and "Lizardmom" is not Anonymous!! LMFAO!! Just call me "Popeye" Lizardmom!!! How about this........First off, If your going to pretend to be some sort of reporter, at least do some research on the subject you are attempting to report on. A simple search on this individual and a look at some of the Racine blog sites, will reveal the "REAL" person you had your encounter. AND if your still not convinced, post here and I'll glady meet you and drop off a STACK of documentation revealing what a piece of trash this person and her husband really are. For starters, read anonymous 8:59AM for some pretty detailed facts and while your at it, please stop with the wanna be reporter crap. Thanks and God Bless!

lizardmom said...

I'm NOT anonymous. Most of the people on this site KNOW me, and have MET me. If you want to keep going, be specific, very specific and give me something that can be addressed, otherwise, there are other sites that thrive on hostility you may be more at home at.

legal stranger said...

L... L... L... L... L...

Long Live Lizardmom's Local Loyality

Anonymous said...

Hi Lizardmom,
I am another person close to the story, and have to ask:

Do you enjoy being lied to, do you blindly believe whatever some lady tells you because she smiled at you or "seemed nice"? Do you lack integrity, or do you just not care about others that were ACTUALLY affected by this corruption?

Why did you do another story on Borzynki's (a great family store), but not include the name of this mysterious downtown business?

Is it possibly...a hat store?

If you spread propaganda, be prepared to defend it. You are now part of the corruption and number one problem plaguing Racine.

lizardmom said...

oh Anon... I asked for specifics and instead, just generalizations. My "person" is ready, willing and able to disprove whatever proof you have against her. You won't give me anything concrete I can even has her address. Why do you think I asked you to GIVE specifics?? All noise, no substance.
As far as who I do when in my features, I do them in order that I have done the interviews, there is no other reasoning or underlying motives. You give me far too much credit for being a shady manipulator.
I have never claimed to be a reporter.
When you're ready to come out of the shadows and take on specifics, you let me know. Til then, I've got better things to do, with much less hostile people.

Anonymous said...

If we are talking about the same person, then I am simply stating your complete ignorance on the issue. Are you talking about Mary, who doesn't pay her taxes and rigged the CAR25 contract for hundreds of thousands of dollars? Do you not care about the truth, or laws, or other people's lives and rights that were violated? It just seems awfully convenient that you left out her name and business from your local feature when you printed other business names and contacts. Here is just a tiny bit of evidence for you, there is much much more. So please tell us, are we talking about the same person or not?

Anonymous said...

Hey Lizardmom, It's Popeye....maybe re-read my previous post. I mentioned I would GLADLY MEET YOU IN PERSON, and deliver a boat load of information proving what a worthless, self serving, corrupt piece of trash this woman and her husband are. Again, re-read Anonymous 8:55AM post for starters, it's very specific and very descript.....but then again, you probably think it's just bad bloggers making shit up???? Because this woman is actually really GOOD people because SHE told you so! LMAO, what are you 12 years old?

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, Racine Exposed. Another paranoid delusional mind. Don't let the idiots muck up yet another nice local blog. They complete ruined Racine Uncovered. Don't let it happen here.

legal stranger said...

Even liars tell the truth sometimes.

Long live all the bloggers in cyberland, even the bad ones.

Anonymous said...

I am guessing that Dec 16th at 7:03pm was likely the Mary in question trying to paint another blog in a negative light (or someone very close to her). That is their M.O.

She will of course praise you for the 'nice local blog' you have since you support her corruption. At least a few of you know the truth, and I have faith that most JTI visitors are not that stupid and gullible. You may not want to believe the corruption that is going on, but it is real, and it is really affecting people's lives and businesses in Racine. Thankfully at least OrbsCorbs and a few others know what is going on.

However, it's your website. You can spread whatever misinformation you like.

If JTI wants Racine to continue its path of corruption and destitution to become the worst city in the midwest, then great, please go ahead and close off your club website and don't let "other bloggers" speak their mind or reveal the truth. You can make your precious little blog full of propaganda and cat photos with Mayor Dickert.

If however JTI actually cares about Racine and the community, you will appreciate contributions from the community and begin to realize the complete cluster**** this City has become under the current leadership or lack thereof.

Have you seen the property values? Have you seen the tax and fee increases? Have you seen the out of control spending and borrowing? Have you ever looked past the Mayor's dreamy eyes and realized all he ever does is lie and steal from the community to give to himself and his friends? It takes real determination, but if you try to avoid being hypnotized by all of the well-rehearsed nonsense and synchronized city council head-nodding, you can finally start to put the puzzle pieces together.

Please consider the very distinct possibility that you were lied to, Lizardmom. I just hope you got a free bowl of soup with the hat and the story you bought from her.

It's your website, and it's your soul. Do what you wish, but just so you are aware, you are doing exactly what you are preaching against and attacking the victims of corruption due to your own ignorance.

lizardmom said...

Dear Anon,
Just a couple things - one, I think you will be quite interested in.
1st off, however, I never intended for this to create a fight or conflict. I feel you can attack problems without attacking people. I asked if you ever spoke directly to THE person, to which I never got a straight answer. Just as in conflicts anywhere with anyone, whether work, family, whatever, I ask the same question. If the answer is no, then all else needs to stop until it's done. My own personal conviction, period.

I have a proposition for you. If interested, please email me at...

for more info. I think it would be worth the time.

Anonymous said...

I assure you that there were many attempts to resolve this conflict directly, and it was completely useless due to the continuous lies, manipulation, and blatant corruption by those involved. They of course will maintain they did nothing wrong, but anyone who witnessed any of this knows without a shred of doubt that is the most despicable lie of them all.

Anyone can lie, it is very easy to do. Everyone thinks they are a good person, and if you were not closely involved in these issues, it is easy to assume that rules were followed and that someone surely would have done something if not. That could not be further from the truth.

I encourage you to do your research and not be so naive. It is insulting to the victims of this corruption, and perpetuates the problem.

I will email you, albeit with extremely low expectations due to your biased and newfound allegiance to those involved.

lizardmom said...

I did receive the email and replied already (for those others of you following this...), hopefully something positive will result if all are willing. Will keep you posted. Hopefully we can shake hands and come out civil. Ok, ever the optimist...

kkdither said...

I just happened to notice comments on an older blog.

Just a note to those in the community who are following this particular blog post: the JTIttegulars website consists of 30 registered authors. We are not of same mind on every issue, which I believe makes for a more interesting website. We do offer common respect to each other, which nowadays seems to be a rarity.

I am interested in reading counterpoints when they are open, logically and factually laid out... and are not malicious in nature. If something ugly needs to be talked about, we do, but we aren't here to flame.

Our website is not in the business of becoming a news provider. Most of us are are here for escape, friendship, and a few laughs. Grab a name and come join us.

Tender Heart Bear said...

I agree with LM on the fact that people should not judge people unless they have all the facts.I feel bad that the person she talked to was upset and really didn't want to talk to you. I am glad she did open up and did talk to you.

Kk- you said it all about the JTI's. I am glad to be part of it with such great friends that I also consider family.

Toad said...

MY OPINION, First of all I suspect few of us including me know what the heck anyone with a problem with this person Is even talking about. We/I don't know who she Is, and If a problem exists, It DOES NOT belong on a blog with little or no pertinent information. This problem be It BIG/small needs to be worked out by the interested parties, NOT the entire community. We will NEVER know all the facts, unless this issue Is pursued through the system. AGAIN, MY OPINION, If I like this particular business, and product, I will do business with them. No way can we possibly know the BUSINESS of all business.

Anonymous said...

The internet today reminds me of the C B radio 40 years ago, only the internet is on steroids.

Anybody can pretend to be whatever or whoever they wish because it can be difficult to ascertain the identity of the author.

Cheap shots and misinformation are part of the internet.

Authors of posts on this site have the ability to censor any comments they wish. If you don't like the post, hit delete.

As of this date, we the readers are still left in the dark as to who the subject of this blog is.

This site can and often does provide important community news.

Local bloggers like JTI are both entertaining and constructive instruments for the betterment of the community

Move on folks, Anonymous is Chicken Little for not ratting out the name of the subject of this blog and for hiding under Anonymous.

Since this individual story has no identified subject.........Bye

Anonymous said...

The subject is Mary Osterman.

She was directly involved in rigging the CAR25 outsourcing contracts for friends of the Mayor. This contract was for hundreds of thousands of dollars, and she has personally taken advantage of this to benefit her own business.

She used Lizardmom to anonymous put a negative light on "bloggers" that want to expose the truth.

There is not that much to figure out here. She is corrupt, and Lizardmom fell for her BS story.

Lizardmom confirmed that Mary is indeed the anonymous source that she spoke with.

These are the facts.

OrbsCorbs said...

I didn't know this was still going on.

I don't think that people should be personally attacked, but the wrongdoings of our politicians and other public officials are fair game. Unfortunately, it's often difficult to distinguish between the politics and personalities of people.

I also think that this is the type of "vibrant discussion" that Dickert mocked in a cc meeting. It's healthy to discuss things openly.

Anonymous said...

She is appointed by Mayor Dickert to her position on the Racine Cable Commission, making her a city official. She also is Dickert's Treasurer and personal friend. She has used her position to manipulte and rig contracts for her own personal benefit. The documentation substantiating all this, is out there and readily available.

SER said...

This horse is pretty well beat to death...time to move.

SER said...

....time to move ON...gezzzz

Anonymous said...

Yea, sure, just like Racine residents, turn a blind eye and say "oh well" froget it, time to move on. Have fun with your little corrupt failure of a city. Oh yeah, keep voting your aldermen and mayor back in office also, they are doing such a great job.

kkdither said...

I spent some time googling her name. Found some interesting stuff. Had to sort through a bunch of rhetoric, juvenile photo-shopping, name calling and bitching, but found out some pretty shady stuff from legitimate sources. Nothing wrong with informing people of what is going on... when done in a productive manner.

Toad said...

KK, Hooray for the fact finding. I personally don't know this person, and etc., but do know the city has huge problems, and as ANON. stated, to ignore the fact Is crazy, WE THE PEOPLE tend to ignore everything that we THINK we can't do anything about. WE have the ultimate tool. THE VOTE. A person should NEVER give up sharing the TRUTH. That Is how people become informed.

legal stranger said...

Anybody involved in the CAR 25 fiasco is fair game in my book.

BL Basketcase said...

This is a true example of "BLOGJACKING".....

Here, an innocent party,( never claiming at all to be anything other than a person encouraging
people to support local businesses) has been under fire
in many cheap ways. This is because some anonymous readers do hate some business owner. It is OK not to like businesses or the ownership, as it is a free country...... BUTT...what the hell.


The LL blog is now inundated with
political bullshit that should be ongoing front page LOCAL news....the message from faceless cowards has been received and understood.
Maybe this should be given it's own BLOGPAGE! Perhaps by you Mr. Anonymous!!!!!!

Do we want to know because we are inquiring minds? YES!

Do we want to know about corruption in our area? ALWAYS!!

Do we want to read about other local business that are quint and interesting? YES!!!

Do we admire your friendly winning way? FUCK NO!

So, in my valued opinion, keep the political bullshit OUT
of this BLOG and start your own BLOG. And by the way... leave the
crude comments out against the LL author because that makes you NO FREAKIN BETTER than that person (business owner/ corruption Queen) that you have such a vendetta against.

Anonymous said...

BL Basketcase,
Have you ever considered that Anonymous is more than one person? Are you informed on the case, or just another ignorant bully who would rather pretend everything is great than deal with reality and the facts?

Innocent party? Since when is a corrupt public official that rigged a contract for hundreds of thousands, abused her position, broke laws, and violated the rights of others for her own benefit and the benefit of friends an innocent party?

Your ignorance and backward thinking portraying the criminals and perpetrators as the victims is why these abuses continue to occur, leading to the current situation Racine is in. Merry Christmas.

BL Basketcase said...


DUH.. I know there are many people claiming to be anonymous...
but YOURS is like nails on a blackboard. I can pick all of yours out.

I deal with nothing but reality and facts.

The innocent part was the blog author...reread my blog and try to understand simple English.
How much of what YOU read is misconstrued if you cannot understand my simple senrences?

I never portrayed any criminal as a victim in any way . Please reread before you comment.To put this in simpler terms, in which you seem to need to make it click, you are missing most of the ideasput forth for your sake.

So cut your angry crap and go get your own blog, and leave this INNOCENT blog author alone and allow her to achieve her
enjoyment of what is supposed to be a fun blog.

You are the first person that ever called me a bully... if you only knew. Let's put it this way... I AM NOT AFRAID OF