Saturday, March 22, 2014

JTIrregular Get Together

Such a lovely day was had by all Irregulars at the annual Spring Break Party.  The JTI knows how to throw a party.... that can never be denied.

We were very lucky to have our man with his eyes in the skies, hale bopp, in town for the festivities.  We asked his input on how to begin our day and he suggested a short 5 K run, which was-quickly-vetoed-by-every-member in attendance. We talked him down to a 100 yard dash, but only if it was preceded by an ergonomic stretching in-service, which proved to be even too much for a couple of Irregulars.
After the stretching, sadly to say, no one was willing to do any dashing. We quickly reverted to our juvenile tendencies and, well.... this wound up being the extent of our activity for the day.

BLB, shopper extraordinaire, brought thoughtful gifts for every member.  The gifts matched personalities and/or vices and offered many laughs.  Here are a few of the selections. Can you match them to the recipient?

We were blessed to have the newest Irregular baby in attendance. We are now third generation. She cried only slightly more than the rest of us. Welcome, sweet, little Irregularette!

We ate, we imbibed, we napped.  We eventually were tossed out. Overall, a tame event in comparison to some of the other JTI parties.  We celebrated those in attendance, and missed those who couldn't be with us.

We are approaching  year six of official Irregularity in June. Plan to be somewhere nearby and email Lizardmom with dates that you are available:  the summer picnic awaits. Join the planning team, think up a theme, pick your poison.... just be there. Being Irregular is a state of mind. It is also the best thing that can happen to anyone.  Happy Blogging, friends!  If you haven't jumped into the pool, dear friends and readers, now is the time.


OrbsCorbs said...

I received a cool bed bug killer. Works every time.

The last time that hale got together with us, he was on the far opposite end of the table from me. Today I got to sit next to him.

It was a pleasure and an honor, sir. Now I get to say, "Yeah, when me and my astrophysicist friend got together the other day..." You are a remarkable man.

And we are a remarkable group. Every time that we get together, I'm reminded of how remarkable we are. Thank you all for being my friends. I am proud of, and love, each one of you.

lizardmom said...

a very good, highly productive day, nice to see Hale and the gang, good food, great company, not too many incriminating pictures, good day!

legal stranger said...

Thanks fellow irregulars for a fun time this afternoon. I got to sit next to THB (aka troublemaker).
The waitress whispered in my ear "don't worry, I told them it was all her fault" when the police arrived to take THB away. Whew, between hale-bopp and Thb, it cost the JT irregular cash treasury a pretty penny at this gathering.......Thanks for the memories.

hale-bopp said...

It was great seeing everyone again and finally meeting BLB, who managed to pick out an appropriate gift for me sight unseen and then mercilessly chastising me about my lack of blogging social skills!

legal stranger said...

BLB is passionate about her blogging and IS merciless about blogging etiquette.

But she did put up the additional $77.oo dollars to bail you out.

Thanks for the fun afternoon.

OrbsCorbs said...

We have social skills? Who'd a thunk?

kkdither said...

Just goes to show that even after 5+ years you can still not know someone very well. Who would have ever thought that Legal carried that huge twister mat in his trunk at all times? I'm not even going to mention some of that other stuff he had in there.

Tender Heart Bear said...

Hale it was great to see you again. I just hope you have a save trip back home.

Legal don't worry because BLB was there bailing Hale out when I was telling the police the truth in what happened so they are looking for you now. Thanks to Daddy Orbs and Drew they came to get me.

Kk I really do not want to know what is in the trunk of Legals care that is just one scary thought with him.

It was great seeing everyone and I had a great time. I was such a surprise that BLB brought her grandbaby and she is so cute.

Mary said...

Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all. Love the pictures.

BL Basketcase said...

Well, in my opinion, the party was so down played. There were so many side shows going on! No one would have believed some of the stuff I witnessed. I really won't and CANNOT mention names in some of these scenarios.

For one thing I only put up some cash for Hale Bobby.
I never went to the police station, as I was hanging around the parking lot for a bit to have a "smoke". I saw two irregulars hop in a trunk and half way close it. I swear I saw a boob fly out and some guy's hand came out to keep her boob from from getting slammed in the trunk lid?.... Then I happened to notice it was the same car I arrived in! The car still had salt all over it.

I noticed my NAKED TWISTER game was missing after the couple left. After smoking I walked in the bar
And saw the bartender playing with a few of the Irregulars . There was hair flying everywhere ! I had no idea Legals body could contort to that degree!!

KK and Drew got in some precarious position and that is when THB got mad and started
Breaking beer bottles and bottles of Stoli. Temper!
The cops had to came again but she paid the damages and charges were dropped.

Yeah I had a few drinks and finally got to confront Hale Bob on a few things and threw my drink in his face.
He then spit out a mouthful of jelly beans and started
chocking and projectile vomited . He claimed he saw stars after he was given the Hindlick Manuever. I never knew the whole reason he went to jail.

At least Orbs babysat for the Irregularette and did a great job of mixing formula and diaper changing. Thanks!

Lizard mom and Lizard dad had their child Froggy
there and did not get caught chewing tobacco and spitting. Good thing because the bar was already upset and told us not to come back until the new ownership took over.

Then of course the same fight over political issues
Incurred as usual. Nothing new there. The same pushing and swearing and name calling as usual.
Other than that ..... A great time!

BL Basketcase said...

I really never knew where SER went. I found out later he was doing dishes or further charges were being pressed.
I had to get that info from The Almighty Sisterhood members.

Anonymous said...

Hey crumba!

SER said...

BLB brought along a possible future member!

Her granddaughter a whole 4 months old. I held made her cry...gezzzz

BL Basketcase said...

Oh SER ...... At least all the elderly ladies love you!!!

Anonymous said...

LM, you looked great with your new hat and smile, so glad to see Ms. froggy and Mr. Lmdad also.

lizardmom said...

SER is always the ladies man!
Thanks anon :)
BLB, it was so sweet of you to get lizard dad something, I am keeping the wrapping paper where it was addressed to him, way too sweet! It was a great time