Monday, March 3, 2014

Local Loyalty - Dragon Flies and Dreams

Welcome back for another instalment of Local Loyalty!

Today's feature is - 

 Dragon Flies and Dreams
9415 Durand Ave. 
Mon-Sat. 9-5, 
closed Sundays.

This was a new find for me, as I 1st saw the sign a couple weeks ago, coming home from Kenosha. The name caught my eye and piqued my curiosity. 
How unobservant am I? I've gone past it many, many times, and I found out that it's been there since 2000! Now my eyes are actively trying to find what else I've been missing, geez! 

If any of you, like me, didn't even know this was there, here's the scoop!
Dragon Flies and Dreams is a really cool, quaint, stamping shop. 
I had the best time visiting with Sande, the owner. She knows everything you could possibly want to know about stampers, ink, projects and what anybody could need, whether they're a newby like me, 
or a very creative, super talented person. 

She opened up at this location back in 2000, 
when her craft room at home was full and she decided to open up a shop. 
She has classes a couple days a week, and also has a card making workshop once a month, where you go in and make 10 cards in 2 hours. 

The 3 words she chose to describe her place - 
1. Unique 
(she carries stamps that the big places don't, 
and she likes to deal with smaller places as well)
2. Friendly - 
yes, most definitely! I had the best time with her!
3. Creative - 
ok, if you, like me, don't have that gene, 
she can still help you!
Here are a couple of the stampers I bought. I put together the designs with the words, so each picture is actually of 2 different stamps, that I then used colored pencils to color them in -
(and no, I'm not a crafty kinda person but this isn't bad for a newby!)
My goal is to go back and get some more, and more color ink pads. What a simple, creative way to jazz something up, or just to send a note to somebody with a nice added personal touch.
If I can do this, anybody can! And Sande is just the right person to help you out, stop in and check it out!
Don't forget to tell her you saw it here!


Tender Heart Bear said...

Awesome post lizardmom. I am going to have to go and check this one out because I am always looking for something to have here when the Grandkids come to visit and this sounds like the right thing to have for them. This one is really peeking my interest now.

lizardmom said...

she's an awesome lady, and so helpful. quite a variety, and if you're creative and have a good imagination, you can see things as projects by just looking at what she has. I had to start simple, but I'm quite excited :)

OrbsCorbs said...

She must be doing something right to stay in business for 14 years.

Another great local find, lizardmom.

BL Basketcase said...

Well ain't that neat?!!
I have some stamps and it is fun to make things like cards . You color them in and it entertains kids for long periods of time.

We could do this at one of our parties instead of all that Body painting we do at the summer bashes.

I'll go there and get more inks and stamps for the next party!

kkdither said...

Nice yo see you posting, BLB.

Your cards are cute, Liz. I'm usually behind and running to pick up a card when I need one. I can't see me being prepared with supplies and time to actually make a personalized one.