Thursday, July 31, 2014

Best of Racine 2014 - Liquor store

Well guys, this is our final category in the
Best of Racine 2014 series. 
Upon request, I wrap things up with liquor stores. 
Where is your favorite place?

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kkdither said...

I usually go to wal-mart for my liquoring needs.

OrbsCorbs said...

I currently have no liquoring needs.

Anonymous said...

I am in need of licquoring, so the gas station will work for me

OrbsCorbs said...

You drink gasoline?

Anonymous said...

It's got a hell of a kick

SER said...


lizardmom said...

the strongest thing I drink if Pepsi Max, and the best sales are normally at Target :)

Anonymous said...

In Racine, it's Dan's Liquor, 1856 Taylor Avenue. Low prices and good stuff. Featuring all the ghetto favorites, such as 211, Natty Ice in 16oz. 4-paks, 40ozer's, separate "Big Boy" Cans, pints, half-pints, miniatures, Orange AND Grape drink. Boone's Farm is also available, and MD 20/20 is there for the wine aficionado.

They also feature cigarettes, lottery, cell phones and snacks, along with energy drinks and Gatorade. For those special occasions there is also a Rose in a glass vase.

Low prices and good service from genuine swarthy Middle-Easteners. The experience can't be beat and is a must for all visitors to Racine. The colorful customers will only frighten the most liberal tighty-whiteys, but then I hear that's a thrill to some.

Local street-vendors are also available for those with special needs. What U need Homey?

Gone are the days when this crazy white boy could easily swill a 4-pak of 211 (in less than 2 hours!) and still function. The best choice is a 4-Pak of Natural Ice - still under $3.00 and you even get a plastic beg to carry it in.

Spoiled Grains = Energy. So I always carb up before going on a long bike ride. Be sure to throw up a Peace sign and be nice! I'm that dude wearing the Black Hawaiian Shirt with chains of White Hibiscus and Black Shorts.

I ride with Too Short!


City of Dope

Tender Heart Bear said...

For Drew and I it is either Wal-Mart or the gas station by the house!

OKIE said...

Down here liquor stores can only sell liquor. You can get real beer (not Miller) but it is warm because if they sell it cold, you'll drink it. You can get 3.2 cold beer at convenient and grocery stores.