Monday, August 25, 2014

"FAMILY REUNION" (get-together)

Come on guys, we miss each other, time to catch up!
ok, it's "family reunion" time, 
yes, we're an eclectic group, with vast differences, 
just like any family. 
This irregular family is in big need of a reunion!

Saturday, Sept. 6th
1:30pm, rain or shine

DESTINATION will be emailed to you. 
I can tell you that food will be available, 
drinks will be available
it is outdoors, but has a covered area so rain isn't an issue.
Nice area, nice scenery, one of my favorite places!

 Please shoot me an email 
(this email link is to a different address than I've used before, I'm having trouble with getting them thru that on)

Feel free to bring out somebody and introduce them to the family!
We'll try to behave hehehe!  


lizardmom said...

this is in 2 weeks, sounds further away, hey? No, it's not Labor Day, it is the week after, please come out, ya'all!

hale-bopp said...

Have fun...wish I could make it!

OKIE said...

Have fun for me.

OrbsCorbs said...


Tender Heart Bear said...

Oh yes I get to see my partner in crime that day.

kkdither said...

Clearing my calendar. Jed, SER, BLB, Legal, DodgeBoy, Toad, any other takers out there?

Why Not? said...

:-( food and drinks are provided and I'm over here?!?! well that is a shame.. have fun everyone!

BL Basketcase said...

Im a giver not a taker must be your partner in crime, THB?
Who else? The rewst are mostly nice!

Ill be there wherever it is.

BL Basketcase said...

Who really is JED ? He only speaks to KK. Is he really an Irregular?
I'd like to meet him and ask why he never says HI! And where is TOAD and Minnie Chick...I have gifts for them
as well as Dodge Boy. It ain't such a long ride, ya know. PFFFFFFFFFFT.
Anon, where are you?

andromodo77 said...


Jed was a no show before the party was announced because his pocket protector is leaking again.

As SER would say...laughin

There is a chance I may make the party it if I am out of Boston by then.

If any of you are thinking about Windows eight, forget it because Windows eight is soooooo bad that it makes Vista look good. There is a computer store named PROformance PC in Union Grove that can help you with loading Windows seven at a significant savings, just tell him that you are an irregular and Andromodo said to help you.

I share with them many of the security and operating issues we come across on the net.

Just ask Toad, I informed Toad indirectly through another irregular that his email was hacked before he knew it.

Keep your clothes on until we meet

Andromdo has spoken

Tender Heart Bear said...

BLB- Sorry I forgot I have two partners in crime you and LM. I can't wait to see everyone again.

BL Basketcase said...

Legal was you partner in crime I thought and so did he!

Andromedo if we take off your outer structure, what we gonna find?

BL Basketcase said...

Where is Nick, that new blogger?
Timely? Lmao

kkdither said...

I'm hoping Lika chooses to meet us, too.

We think Jed is real, and yes, he is as Irregular as the rest of us.

As for who speaks to whom, I think there is too much emphasis and concern over that. I don't believe anyone has been shunned. We've worked very hard to make all Irregulars feel welcome.

andromodo77 said...

Pure love honey pure love

BL Basketcase said...

Love honey? Is that the same as baby batter?

BL Basketcase said...

There are shunners here, but not too bad and not too often. Blogs often go unnoticed, or are shot down every now and then. That is the way the
cookie crumbles.

I will blog again when I finish
something I started.

lizardmom said...

We've met Jed, he's real and totally one of us!
Legal, get in line, buddy boop, I'm the original partner in crime, you just like getting into trouble, THB and I find trouble together, we've got mad wicked skills like that! :D

SER said...

I B there

SER said...

Correction: Nope won't be there

BL Basketcase said...

SER. WHAT!??????!

Anonymous said...

You know what they say about the wrath of a women....

Tender Heart Bear said...

lizardmom- Legal is just jealous that is all that it is with him.

Anonymous said...