Sunday, August 24, 2014

"July Property Report"

"According to the Wisconsin IPAS system, 184 documents were recorded during June of 2014 for the City of Racine. There were 20 foreclosures, while most homes sold for tens of thousands less than the assessed value. So far in 2014 there have been 209 foreclosures in the City of Racine during the first  212 days of 2014."



Anonymous said...

No more Pit Bulls in Racine!

When Will the Madness end?

It IS the Breed!

Two children, adult injured in Saturday dog attack

lizardmom said...

it is NOT the breed, it's the owners and their lack of proper care and training of the breed.

kkdither said...

Some breeds of dogs are more aggressive than others. You don't see chihuahuas as K-9 cops. That doesn't mean that every single pit bulls is mean, but I am still very wary around them. Once they get a hold of someone, they don't let go, and the resulting damage is frightful, if not deadly.