Monday, September 29, 2014

"2nd young woman accuses SC Johnson heir of sexual contact"

"A second young woman now claims Racine billionaire Samuel Curtis 'Curt' Johnson III sexually molested her when she was a girl, claims his attorney calls 'unequivocally' false.

"The woman, identified in court records only as AMB, was a friend of the victim in a sexual assault case prosecutors filed against Johnson in 2011. Because that victim left the state and refused to cooperate, Johnson ultimately pleaded guilty in June to two misdemeanors and was sentenced to four months in jail.

"AMB filed her three-page civil complaint in July, but it was only recently served on Johnson, who has not yet filed an answer. It claims that on multiple occasions between March 2007 and July 2009, Johnson had sexual contact with her while she was with his family on trips to Mexico and the Bahamas, and while she was guest at his Racine home.

"She seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

"Her attorney, Steven Lucareli of Eagle River, said the woman is 20 now and living and working in California, where she now has another lawyer, Stephen Estey, who specializes in personal injury cases. Lucareli said AMB continues to struggle with the aftermath of her contact with Johnson and has been in therapy."

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OrbsCorbs said...

The say that these pervs rarely offend only once. Thing is, like OKIE said, why so long to bring charges against him? Money hunters?

When the Catholic Church sex scandal broke, people came forth one at a time. A lot never will. Some of these crimes were committed 30 years ago.

In short, I dunno. She may be after money or she may be torn up psychologically, or she may be both.

Not one whit of difference will be made in my life.

kkdither said...

Maybe initially, they thought he was untouchable by the law and wanted to spare her the pain? Could be they waited to see if he'd do time. Found out he did, and was let out. Maybe they hope to extend that time. I really doubt it is a fabrication, but you never know.

Tender Heart Bear said...

I agree with kk that she probably thought he would get away with what he did to her. Now that he did do time she wants everyone to know what he did to her and not get away with it any more. She said that she is seeing a psychologist and if she wants to she can let the judge see that.

OKIE said...

According to the JT, his lawyer states she is "troubled". I bet she is if he really did it to her.

Her lawyer is from Eagle River? a great place.

Lika Saliscente said...

Eagle River is a good place.

Many a sex crime victim, especially if they were child victims at the time, are either troubled at the time it happened, to further damage the child, or could have ended up being troubled as a result of the crime.