Tuesday, September 23, 2014

BLB, I saved you a piece


Toad said...

What the hell does that mean?

BL Basketcase said...

Now SER IM HAPPY! I got a piece
Of pink cake cute cake obviously devoured by men who love chocolate cake. It is nice to have such a friend
Like you! Xxoo

That was my cake that never got posted by the virtual baker on this site. Thought I was kicked off the site. But was not as
I was told . Yet I did not quit ....just got spanked and ignored for my Birthday
Yesterday ! You give love you get love!

Toad said...

I have no clue what's going on here, but It makes me sad. YES, I have issues with a couple of people here that are regular Irregulars, but as my goodest buddy "O" say's just ignore some things, so I do. HOWEVER one of my most unfavorite things Is to hurt other people intentionally OR for that matter un-Intentionally, and will try terribly hard to make It right. Contrary to popular belief, LOL, I am NOT the nicest person In the World, and can be as bad as bad can get. I can go directly to a persons heart without blinking. I am STILL In a process of curing this problem, but still need a bit of work. Anyhow EACH of us Is DIFFERENT, In one way or another. WE say, do things we of course wish we didn't, but It's the nature of life. Life Is an ongoing struggle, and each of us see thing differently. As I say I am clueless to what has happened here, but hope It goes away, as I suspect most of us rely on this venue for our continued growth (sanity In my case) Thank you for letting me know somewhat what I was confused about.

kkdither said...

I am the "virtual baker" as alluded to in the above comment.

For the past six years, I've made it a point to remember and post birthday wishes to active members. When people no longer post or move on, their names come off the list and we gather new dates of newer members. And, so it goes.

No cake was posted for BL Basketcase this year. After the spree of spamming and trolling that took place with her and her cohort posting anonymously, saying nasty and hurtful remarks about and to regular-Irregular members, she dropped off the radar for several weeks. This was the reason the option of anonymous comments were removed from our website, something we always were proud to be able to offer.

The disappearance of these two bloggers occurred after someone dropped the F bomb about the situation. I assumed they both were embarrassed by their actions and moved on. Evidently, I was incorrect in my assumptions.

To those who weren't aware of the situation, several comments made from a specific and identifiable IP address were simply removed, as stated in our policy. There was never a "ban" or any action taken against anyone. This decision was not made by me, it was a united, administrative decision.

It appears that since no cake was posted, I am once again the target for more snide remarks. If I post something, there is a nasty undertone comeback; and if I don't post, the remarks come anyway.

As of now, I was under the assumption that no one was required to post any blogs. I was simply wishing my Irregular friends the best on their special day. I haven't received a paycheck, nor a job description demanding that certain blogs be posted. I did it for fun. That is what most of us come here for... friendship and fun.

Toad, it makes me very sad. We are all saddened by the situation.

Toad said...

KK, I shall TOAST your dedication to this site with a big shot of AKAAVIT once I get my ass out of my chair.

kkdither said...

Toad, if your health allows... have one for me, too. :)

BL Basketcase said...

KK, as I shall be happy to post all my anonymous blogs, none should have been hurtful... I will admit to saying waaa, waaaa
on you whining about anons. I explained I did not post in that persona but once in a while, as always meant it in humor.

My life has been busy, so I have not posted much. I have my mother and some of my own health issues.

I believe I did not start any of that, but what was said to a friend irregular was dispicable.
That was by someone who used an f bomb directed at him.... who I know has the kindest heart and has helped this friend move, given him stuff, drove him far away places, etc.
He would never "piss or shit on your site".

You also have clicks, whom I will not name.You do not ever try to smooth things out. It seems you have hatred in which you are harbouring.

Either of us are NOT GUILTY of any spamming oe trolling and that is a slanderous statement.

I always thought you and I had a friendship that was special. If I ever said anything that offended, you took it the wrong way. I am sorry.

I have studied IP addresses after a few discussions with my computer savy friends. Mine shows often out of Milwaukee. I
do feel you are wrong in blaming me for spamming and trolling, in which I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DO!!!

YOU ARE WRONG!!!!! He sent a personal email to the poster of the FUCKYOU blog and tried to explain an what he actually posted with no response. After that I wrote the poster of the FUCCKYOU blog and again explained, with no response. As I said ... neither of us ever tried to shit on your site.

To me the whole thing started when you attacked Tricky. He did not jump the topic and stayed on
the blog. So I spoke up for him.

and you love to ignore good things written from some, but not others.

You are accusing of something that was not done. I feel attacked
and I have a good heart...just by what you said IS NOT THE TRUTH.I have disagreed with you a few time, but never felt I was mean in any way. YOU MAKE US OUT TO BE EVIL PEOPLE. NOT THE CASE.

I am not about drama with you either. Thicken your skin. It is humor, it is blogging. I gave lots of good to this site, DO NOT TROLL OR SPAM!!!! Your IP discovery program is nor working!

BL Basketcase said...

kkdither said...

Life is too short and sweet to have hatred in my heart.

The IP logs were copied and shared among the admins as the hurtful comments were appearing. They numerically matched and labeled from original blogs you wrote and posted by name in the past. Other comments came from your employer's IP. Unless someone was sitting in your driveway, stealing your Wi-fi, AND using your personal computer with its MAC address....I can not see any other explanation.