Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Decorations 2014 Pt 2!

Yes I do have more Christmas Decoration pictures to share with everyone. I have been busy going out and seeing what pictures I can get to share with everyone. There is one thing I did miss and that was the Holiday Train that came through. Drew and I went Sunday to see it but the traffic was just so crazy and no place to park the car but about a mile away. I am sorry I could not get any picture of the train.

There is one good thing coming next week for everyone and that is Drew and I are going to Candy Cane Lane this weekend to get pictures to share with everyone. Here are some pictures that we have gotten to share with you.

                                             This picture was taken on Hwy 32 in Cudahy Wi.

                                          This picture was taken on Hwy 75 in Kansasville Wi.

                                      This was picture taken on Campus Drive Wind Point Wi.

                                      This picture was taken on Superior Street Milwaukee Wi.

                                    This picture was taken on Taylor Street Elmwood Park Wi.

                                           This picture was taken on Illinois Street Racine Wi.

I hope everyone is enjoying the pictures and there are more to come. I hope you enjoy your week and I have cookies to go and make.


kkdither said...

Some pretty unusual decorations. Is that an Amish sleigh?

OKIE said...

My friend in Florida has an alligator decoration.
Thanks for posting these THB.

OrbsCorbs said...

Very nice pics.

Candy Cane Lane will also be insane.

Tender Heart Bear said...

Yes it will be but I am crazy enough to go and be with the insane people. We are going on Saturday Daddy Orbs.

kk that is what it looks like to me too. But I just thought it was different.

Thank you all for the comments and there are more pictures to come.