Friday, December 12, 2014

Four for Fridays

Hello everyone and welcome back! Another Friday is here and it seems like just business as usual.... Guess I'm kinda bummed having to work the ENTIRE weekend. Need the money, though. Anyways, your questions....

1) Have you ever gone ice fishing?

2) When was the last time you had a haircut?

3) What is your favorite Christmas carol?

4) What is your favorite color of Christmas lights?

Enjoy your weekend!


OKIE said...

1. Not me, but I know people who do.

2. Yesterday afternoon.

3. I like them all.

4. Red.

Thanks Drew!

SER said...

1) gone ice fishing?
Twice and didn't like it both times

2) had a haircut?

3) favorite Christmas carol?
Grandma got runned over by a reindeer.

4) Christmas lights?

lizardmom said...

1. nope, too cold!
2. it's been a while, whenever my hair annoys me, out come the scissors, not always good!
3. too many, I just love an accapella group called Home Free, they do a few really amazingly! even the background 'music' is just their voices, amazing!
4. love lots of color, the popular bright and deep blues, purples are my top ones

Beejay said...

1. No, my brother does. He's a bit tetched!
2. Tuesday.
3. Silent Night
4. Multi-colored ones. Love the old fashioned look.

Thanks, Drew.

Toad said...

1. No

2. I had them ALL cut about 2 months ago.

3. It's not a Christmas Carol, but a Christmas song by JOE of the Oak Ridge Boy's called "My Son" It's an amazing song, and will bring tears to your eye's.

4. Red

kkdither said...

1. I'm too much of a "girl."
2. It is a constant work of art... lol
3. White Christmas, by Bing
4. White, but my tree is multicolored. Hmmm

Thank you, drew. They should buy you guys lunch or something for having to work weekends so close to the holidays.

Tender Heart Bear said...

I know I am a little late today I had gone to the YMCA this morning, lab work done after that and this afternoon a Dr. appointment. When Drew got off work took his son for a hair cut. Very busy day and no cookies made today.

1) I would never to cold out there.

2) Last month.

3) I like them all and I even listen to them while I make my Christmas Cookies.

4) I love the multi colors because I don't like just one color. Our tree only has one color that is what Drew had here. I have the lights on while I make the cookies too.

Have a great weekend!

Tender Heart Bear said...

Toad- I know what song you are talking about and that is a great song.

drewzepmeister said...

1) A couple of times Up North.

2) About five years ago...

3) The First Noel

4) White

drewzepmeister said...

kk, I wish... However we do have holiday luncheons.

OrbsCorbs said...

1) No, but I know people who do: the whole bit with the ice shack and everything.

2) About a month ago. I cut my own hair.

3) I think some stores should advertise that they aren't playing Christmas carols. That's where I would go.

4) Blue.

Thanks, drew. You must be made of iron to put in so many hours.

Why Not? said...

1. No, not interested.. anything with the cold and ice not really my thing.

2. a couple of weeks ago

3. Chorus of Bells

4. I like the multi colored lights..