Friday, December 26, 2014

Open Blog - Post Christmas

Post holiday complications.  Hope you survived.


lizardmom said...

Christmas Eve I was up for 24 hours, between work and family festivities and wrapping this up back home, hopefully I can get back in schedule, as I have a 3 day weekend (off monday) to get myself back on track. Hope all your Christmases were bright!

kkdither said...

Finishing up today with family. Looking forward to hosting, but will be exhausted when it is over. Cooking and crawling around the floor with a toddler can do you in (two of my favorite ways to tire myself out!)

Beejay said...

Seems like I did a lot of cooking! Dishes are all done! Today, we get leftover ham, tamales (a gift from Mr. D's PT), Caribbean food from a neighbor, chicken piccata, refrigerator is bursting!

Our guests are off to Boca Grand for the day. Soi can get things straightened up around here.

kk, sounds like you had fun. Little ones make happiness during the holidays.

OKIE said...

Waiting for the grandchildren to get here to open their presents. Yesterday was so much fun but like everyone else, I'm sure we will be exhausted tonight.

Unknown said...

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