Friday, January 9, 2015

Four for Fridays

Hello everyone and welcome back! The year is getting started and I'm hoping that the illnesses and the weather isn't setting people  back! Anyways, your questions.....

1) So, what is your winter weather outfit?

2) What is your favorite soup?

3) Do you park your car in a garage?

4) Who shovels snow at your place?

Enjoy your weekend!


OKIE said...

1. My winter outfit is staying at home having a glass of wine.

2. Deep baked French Onion. Hubby makes it and it is goooodddd.

3. Yes I do.

4. If it's a light snow, he does. If it's heavy, both of us.

Thanks Drew. I hope you and THB are feeling better.

kkdither said...

1. I have a coat that I've named Nanook. Not very attractive, but my best friend when necessary.

2. Chicken dumpling or split pea with ham are my favorites. With the toast and cheese topper, I like french onion, too, but it doesn't like me.

3. Yes, very thankful for the garage. My first home didn't have a usable garage. Fighting the snow and the plow adds way more snow lifting to the mix.

4. I do at times, but try to avoid it when possible. My shoulders and neck just can't take it.

Hope you are feeling better, drew and THB.

Toad said...

1. T-Shirt and Jeans.

2. Cream of Mushroom

3. No.

4. Me, and I'm VERY fussy about how It's done.

Beejay said...

1. I'd better not respond.
2. Split Pea, but recently I had some mushroom truffle. Yummers.
3. No room for a car in there! Lol.
4. Snow? What's snow?

SER said...

Nothing special

Gizzards with rice

Yes in garage


lizardmom said...

1. probably my current 'ensemble', knee high socks, thick fuzzy socks, flannel footie jammies, scarf and funny hooded house coat with the hood up! Can't shake this chill I've had since yesterday! All vanity goes out the window when I'm cold, I can be cute in the summer, I want to be warm, no matter what, in the winter. Laugh if you may, but I'm pretty sure I'm warmer than any of my laughers! HA~!

2. it's a 3 way tie - Chili's chicken enchilada soup, Charcoal Grills loaded baked potato, or any of the local Greek Sunday cream of chicken rice, good for whatever ails ya

3. yup!

4. hubby, or me and ms froggy if needed, but with him laid off again, it's mainly his job to take care of us :D

Tender Heart Bear said...

1) I would say to stay home when I don't have to go out.

2) Home made chicken soup.

3) No it sits out in the cold.

4) Not us. Oh YES!

OrbsCorbs said...

1) Serious boots, jeans, T-shirt with insulated vest and hoodie sweatshirt, topped off by my winter jacket. I usually just wear a ball cap, but the hoodie can be pulled over it and there's a knit hat in the pocket. I have a couple dozen gloves, from winter work gloves, to snowmobiling gloves to "driving" gloves. I have a snowsuit, too, but I don't think I can fit in it anymore. That was from my snow removal days.

2) Chunky beef anything. That's a meal for me.

3) Sob, no.

4) The maintenance guys. I see them make so many landscaping mistakes, but I bite my tongue. No one wants an old man telling them how to do their job.

drewzepmeister said...

1) I get cold too easily.... Layers and layers of clothes-sweatshirts, thermal underwear and a big jacket is a must!

2) A toss up between ham & bean and Chicken noodle.

3) A free parking space, but no garage

4) The management.

MinnesotaChick said...

Inside or outside?
Outside.. takes me longer to get dressed to take the dog out than it does for her to go!
Inside.. I'm a sweatshirt & jean type

Have to go with KK on this. Chicken & dumplings my #1


Shovel.. me because I am home more often. Snow blow with the big snows, Dave does. Because I am afraid of the big monster!