Monday, January 19, 2015

Open Blog - Monday

There's no joy in Packerland today. Be kind to each other and kick someone from Seattle instead.


lizardmom said...

that one just hurt to watch at the end. I had no words. People are going to be cranky today, yippeeeeee!

SER said...

I think they figured they had it wrapped up and got arrogant and lazy...dammit

OKIE said...

Or just stupid. I watched Coach Belichek talk about the onside kick and how they practice this every week. Bostick knew the ball should go to Jordy but he tried anyway. And we all know the outcome. Hubby kept saying we were going to win and I said not until there are zero seconds left. And then everything collapsed. I can honestly say I am still in a state of shock.

In other news, out on the Daily Mail, they are reporting the Patriots are under investigation by the NFL for deflating footballs in yesterdays game. Made them easier to throw. Do we have a cheating team again?

In good news, we are experiencing wonderful temps in the high 60's.

Have a great day Irregulars. Good Luck LM.

Toad said...

Why was Bostick In FRONT of Nelson? He was supposed to block for Nelson. WHO THE HELL has time to block? BLAME the coach for kicking Field Goals on the HALF yard like TWICE. They should have had at LEAST 28 points at the half. BLAME Burnett for sliding after the interception. How far could he have run? Blame Aaron Rodgers for all the poor throws. Blame Daniels for the penalty that put them back to the 19 on the first interception. Blame Clay Mathews for the HORRIBLE hit on Wilson. (I hope they fine the hell out of him) Most everybody can be named to doing something stupid, but the COACH has to take the responsibility for POOR play calling, which Is surly what Aaron Rodgers was talking about after the game, In the Press interview? The way they were playing the 2nd half, I told my wife they were going to lose, to which she chewed on me about being negative. I wanted them to win, but It was obvious they were being poorly coached.

OKIE said...

And the question of the day is:

Since we've had no measurable rain in a long time, how did my dog come in the house covered in wet red clay mud? Which is now all over the tile in the hallway and near his bowl. The same tile I just scrubbed on Saturday night.

Toad said...

OKIE, That doesn't sound good, since I don't imagine you allow your dog to leave the yard. Broken pipe or some dastardly think like such? I'll cross my fingers.

OKIE said...

I think it might be Old MacDonalds farm. Chances are she was cleaing cages and had the water running along the fence. The same area the dogs like to bark at each other which is what they were doing today.

I guess the bright side is, she remembered to turn the water off. We have had it pouring into our yard before.

Cock a doodle doo!

OrbsCorbs said...

I couldn't make it to my shrink appointment today because I'm still too sick. I got my stomach back yesterday and was feeling pretty good by evening, though still weak from lack of food. At least I got some solids in me. Today is not so good.

Rescue Rangers drew and THB made another visit yesterday, bringing me needed supplies. Thank you guys so much. Drew said when he was sick, all he wanted was toast. I ate some toast and I felt better. I had some soup and munched a little on other stuff. I expected to wake up feeling much better today.

I think I've also caught a head cold. Snot all the time. This is after having the flu a little while back. Health-wise, this winter has been the worst ever for me. I can't get a break.

Oh, and my prescription insurance sent me a letter saying that they won't pay for my Lotronex anymore. This is one of my key prescriptions for my IBS-D. I saw my gastroenterologist a few weeks ago and he stressed the importance of taking my Lotronex.

Unfortunately, Lotronex is very expensive. $500 a bottle, and I use two bottles a month. When I signed up with my insurance years ago, I chose the plan because it covered the cost of Lotronex. I was assured that I was grandfathered in and they would never deny me Lotronex. Obamacare changed that, I guess. Liars. All that maters anymore is money. The government is cutting me off of a key prescription. More and more, the government is fucking up my health. They'll probably attack my regular health insurance next

OrbsCorbs said...

That still covers only one bottle a month.

kkdither said...

My day was decent in comparison. Mega laundry done. Cooked, cleaned. Checked in with the kids. More carpet crawling for me ahead this coming weekend. That counts as high caloric burning aerobics, I hope. Have to burn off those cookies I baked....and ate!

Orbs, hang in there. It has to get better. You've sure had a rough stretch.